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  1. Application Specific Extension Cords
    1. Dryer Cords Type SRDT 30 Amps 300V
    2. Major Appliance Cords 3 Conductor Grounded
    3. Plug-It Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
    4. Power Supply Replacement Cords 3 Conductor Grounded
    5. Range Cords Type SRDT 50 Amps 300V
    6. Type SJ 300V Power Supply Replacement Cords
    7. Type SJ 300V Pro Flex Rubber Extension Cords
    8. Type SJT 300V Coiled Power Tool Extension Cords
    9. Type SPT-3 300V Air Conditioner Replacement Cords
    10. Types SJ SJOW and SJOOW 300V Power Supply Replacement Cords
    11. Types SJT &ST 300V & 600V Power Supply Replacement Cords
  2. Outdoor Extension Cords
    1. All Weather Extension Cords 3 Conductor Grounded
    2. Froghide Ultra Flex Extension Cords 3 Conductor
    3. Lifetime Plus Super Flex Lighted Extension Cords
    4. Outdoor Powr-Center Extension Cords 3 Conductor
    5. Safety Orange Extension Cords 3 Conductor Grounded
    6. Type SJEOOW 300V High Visibility All Weather Extension Cords

We can all agree that the extension cord is one electrical apparatus that makes our lives exponentially easier. Nassau Electrical Supply offers a broad selection of extension cables for various applications as well as power supply replacement cords and circuit interrupters. Our extension cords are UL listed and meet specifications set by ASTM to ensure these products can function safely and efficiently. Nassau Electrical Supply’s extension cord inventory is divided into two categories; application-specific and outdoor extension cords.

Extension cords often provide an easy way to power our appliances and electronics without requiring much hassle, however failure to use the proper extension cord could result in damaged appliances or worse. Nassau Electrical Supply makes it easy to determine the correct extension cord for the job by offering a full range of application-specific extension cords. Power tools, air conditioners and other major appliances use amperages at different rates and therefore require extension cords tailored to their needs. Nassau Electrical Supply will help you find the correct extension cords for your task.

Nassau Electrical Supply also carries a great selection of outdoor extension cables. Outdoor extension cords are an easy and cost-effective way to extend service to barns, workshops, garages, outdoor lights and more. It is important though to choose the right cable for the task at hand. Deciduous regions with changing climates, for example, will likely require a different extension cable than an arid, dry location.

Other products in this category include circuit interrupters and surge protector plugs. These devices are used for safety and to protect your equipment from electrical surges. Ground fault circuit interrupters detect power leaks and cuts electricity off in less than a second to prevent electric shock. They can be used anywhere GFCI protection is desired such as job sites, kitchens, bathrooms, garages and workshops.

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