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    The Gepco® Brand HydroBloc™ high-definition & CATV video coax series for wet locations features a precision center conductor, TactiCel™ gas-injected foam dielectric, excellent crush resistance, and broadband shielding. The gas-injected foam dielectric and precision process control are critical factors in achieving superior electrical performance including faster velocity of propagation, tight impedance tolerance, low attenuation and low structural return loss across the entire 4.5 GHz bandwidth (HD Coax). Conductive elements consist of a precisiondrawn solid copper center conductor with 100% foil shield (HD Coax) and 95% braid coverage for complete broadband shielding. The water-blocked construction with a two-ply water-blocking tape prevents transverse and longitudinal water ingress. 

    Features & Benefits: 
    • Advanced Water-Blocked Construction 
    • Sunlight- and Moisture-Resistant Jacket 
    • Cables Comply with TIA-455-82-B Water Penetration Test 
    • Precision 75 Ω Impedance 
    • 4.5 GHz Bandwidth for HDTV/1 GHz Bandwidth for CCTV 
    • High Velocity of Propagation 
    • 100% Sweep Tested 
    • Full-Copper Braid Shield 

    • In Wet Locations Inside Conduit 
    • Indoor/Outdoor Use 
    • High-Definition or Standard Definition Serial Digital Video (HBS201HD) 
    • High-Resolution Analog Video

    Mechanical Specifications
    conductor # of
    insulation(type, od) shield jacket
    (type, colors)
    general cable 
    gepco brand 
    part number
    20 awg hydrobloc™ water-resistant hd coax
    20 awg
    solid bc
    1 0.242“
    (6.15 mm)
    gas-injected foam pe,
    0.142” (3.61 mm)
    95% tc braid,
    100% foil
    pvc, black cm/cl2 36 lbs/mft
    (54 kg/km)
    20 awg hydrobloc™ water-resistant coax
    20 awg
    solid bc
    1 0.240“
    (6.10 mm)
    gas-injected foam pe,
    0.142” (3.61 mm)
    95% bc braid pvc, black cm/cl2 36 lbs/mft
    (54 kg/km)
    18 awg hydrobloc™ water-resistant coax
    18 awg
    solid bc
    1 0.278“
    (7.06 mm)
    gas-injected foam pe,
    0.180” (4.57 mm)
    95% bc braid pvc, black cm/cl2 47 lbs/mft
    (70 kg/km)

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    HydroBloc Coaxial Cables

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