• RG6 Coax Black Cable

    RG6 Coax Black Cable

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    Applications: Type RG6 Coax Black Cable is permitted for use with Audio/Video, Radio Frequency, and CATV/MATV Transmissions. Type RG6 Coax Black Cable is UL Listed, RoHS Compliant, and meets the following applicable requirements:

    • UL Standard 444
    • UL Standard 13
    • UL 1685 (UL 1581 Vertical Tray) Flame Test.
    • NEC Article 800, Article 725

    Construction: MECHANICAL:

    • Conductors: 1 - 18 AWG copper clad steel .040"
    • Dielectric: 70 mil wall of foamed polyethylene to a nominal diameter of .180"
    • Shield: Bonded aluminum / polyester / aluminum tape wrap for 95% shielding
    • Braid: 34 AWG aluminum braid with 95% coverage
    • Jacket: 30 mil black 80°C flame retardant polyvinyl chloride to a nominal diameter of .270"
    • Print: White ink: RG 6/U 18 AWG TYPE CATV (UL) E179332:
    • Voltage Rating: 300 Volts
    • D.C Resistance (Nom): 30.41 OHMS per 1000 FT at 68 Deg. F
    • Velocity of Propagation (Nom): 79%
    • Impedance (Nom): 75 OHMS
    • Capacitance (Nom): 18 pF/ft

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