• Universal Cross-Connect Wire Type N Spec. 5013

    Universal Cross-Connect Wire Type N Spec. 5013

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    Product Details

    Conductors: 22 AWG solid bare annealed copper 

    Insulation: Flame-retardant semi-rigid PVC

    Pairing: Four twists per foot minimum 

    Packaging : Supplied on non-returnable spools as shown in table (SP) 

    Applications :
    • Suitable for voice and data transmission up to 16 Mbps 
    • UL Listed cross-connect wire for indoor use in distributing frames and crossconnect arrays; suitable for use outdoors in cross-connect cabinets and terminal boxes. Has excellent low-temperature characteristics for installation in cold climates 

    Compliances :

    • NEC/CEC Type CM (UL 1685-2000) 
    • Category 3 compatible 
    • RoHS Compliant Directive 2011/65/EU 
    • Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-126-CORE (Bellcore Specification TA-NWT-000126)
    pairs color code pkg. pkg./

    general cable
    pair 1 pair 2
    1 w/v-v 400' sp 8 4.9 2113057
    1 w/v-v 1000' sp 4 4.9 2113058
    1 w/r-r 1000' sp 4 4.9 2113059
    2 r/bl-bl r/o-o 1000' sp 3 10.6 2113060
    Electrical Characteristics
    22 awg
    dc resistance (max)
    ohms/1000 ft @ 20˚c
    coaxial capacitance (max)
    microfarads/kft @ 23˚c
    insulation resistance (min)
    megohm - kft @ 23˚c
    near-end cross talk (min)
    db @ 772 khz

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