• 12 mm Heavy Duty Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

    12 mm Heavy Duty Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable

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    Gepco® Brand extra-durable 12 mm hybrid fiber cable provides improved durability in high-definition camera-to-CCU interconnects. In addition to the steel strength member and nylon-based polymer fiber coating, each fiber optic element has a Kevlar® wrap and PVC jacket for greater strength and protection. For the power elements, HDC120P utilizes two auxiliary conductors for streamlined termination, thereby reducing the possibility of electrical faults. All copper elements now feature heat-resistant PE insulation and are shielded by a dense 95% copper braid. For additional durability, the outer jacket is made with an extra-tough polyurethane compound that is exceptionally abrasion- and puncture-resistant. 

    Features & Benefits 
    • Ultra-Low Attenuation 
    • SMPTE 311 Compliant 
    • Single-Mode Optical Fibers with Kevlar® & PVC Jackets 
    • Proprietary Fiber Coating for Increased Tensile Strength 
    • Four Large-Gauge Copper Conductors 
    • Heat-Resistant 
    • Strength Member for Additional Durability 
    • Heavy-Duty Polyurethane Jacket 

    • High-Definition Camera-to-CCU Interconnect 
    • Portable Cables 
    • Studio or Remote Environments

    Mechanical Specifications (General)
    master jacket
    (type, colors)
    overall shield approx.
    general cable 
    gepco brand 
    part number
                    heavy-duty 12.0 mm hybrid camera cable
    12.0 mm polyurethane,
    95% TC Braid 135 lbs/Mft
    (201 kg/km)
    Mechanical Specifications (Components)
    component number type insulation (type, od) color code
    optical 2 single-mode bend-insensitive fiber optic
    (8.3μm mode field, 125μm cladding)
    cpe fiber coating,
    kevlar® wrap,tight tube pvc jacket,
    0.062” (1.57 mm) finished o.d.
    one blue, one yellow
    signal 2 24 awg (19x36) stranded tc PE, 0.044” (1.11 mm) one red, one gray
    auxiliary 2 16 awg (65x34) stranded tc PE, 0.084” (2.13 mm) one black, one white
    strength member 1 16 AWG Stranded Steel PVC, 0.087” (2.21 mm) yellow

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