• XHHW Power Cable- 4 Conductor With Ground - Type TC

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    XHHW Power Cable – 4 Conductor with Ground – Type TC

    When electrical cables need to be installed in areas with notoriously bad weather, XHHW Power Cable Type TC is often the preferred cable.  XHHW Power Cable is armed with a heat and water-resistant polyethylene jacket that is capable of protecting the interior conductors from just about anything mother nature can throw its way.  Functioning in temperatures up to 90°C in wet or dry locations, XHHW Power Cable has proven itself capable of handling tasks around the globe from the hot deserts of Dubai to Brazil’s watery rainforest. 

    The cable is also approved for use in hazardous locations where there is a high risk of fire or explosion.  The cable passes UL flame test IEEE-383, which puts the cable up against flames that are up to 70,000 BTU.  The PVC outer jacket takes most of the credit for this, being resistant to high heat and flame retardant.  The cable also includes a crosslinked polyethylene insulation that offers additional protection against excessive wetness or dryness, heat, sunlight, and corrosive gasses or liquids.

    The conductors in this cable are annealed copper conductors.  The annealed copper conductors offer superior flexibility compared to standard copper wires, but offer the same powerful conductive qualities.  The cable is available in a 3-conductor or 4-conductor construction.  Included in the cable’s assembly is a bare copper ground wire which is used to stabilize the cable’s electric current during use.

    Product Description:

    Four XHHW insulated copper phase conductors and a bare copper ground wire make up this cable.  XHHW is a reference to the insulation that coats each phase conductor.  The acronym stands for Cross-linked High Heat resistant and Water resistant.  XHHW’s proven durability to resist abrasion, heat, dryness, moisture and wetness, corrosive gasses and liquids, and other corrosive materials. Each individual conductor is insulated with a cross-linked polyethylene jacket.  The assembly is altogether jacketed in a black PVC armor to further protect the conductors from corrosion and interference.  Class B stranded copper is used to make up the conductors in this product.  This type of copper offers better flexibility than class A or AA copper. 


    This cable can be used in a variety of applications and installations including duct and conduit, open air with support by messenger wire, and direct burial.  The product can be used in wet or dry locations in temperatures not to exceed 90°C.  This cable is a favorite for use in industrial applications because if its durability and flame resistant qualities.  The flame retardant insulation passes flame tests administered by Underwriters Laboratories.  The cable is often used to supply power to motors as well. 


    • In accordance with specifications set forth by Underwriters Laboratories, a compliance and regulations organization established over 100 years ago, this cable meets UL Standard 44.  This standard is designed to ensure thermoset conductors are capable of carrying at least 600 volts and exhibit the ability to function at temperatures up to 90°C.
    • The cable also is in alignment with UL Standard 1277 and UL Standard 1581, standards that ensure the ground cable is present and also that the assembly can function efficiently in wet or dry locations.
    • This product adheres UL Standard 1685, a standard that requires thermoset conductors to pass a Flame Exposure Test.
    • In addition to meeting specifications of UL Standard 1685, this cable also passes the IEEE-383 Flame Test as well as the ICEA T-29-520 Vertical Cable Tray Flame Test.


    • Conductors

    -           This product employs the high conductive power of soft annealed copper.  Copper is often preferred over its aluminum counterpart because it is more resistant to corrosion and remains stable over a longer course of time.

    • Stranding

    -           Copper conductors are concentric lay stranded.  The helical design -provides greater flexibility than solid copper.

    • Insulation

    -           The copper conductors are individually insulated in cross-linked polyethylene.  This insulation protects the conductors from interference and corrosion due to excessive wetness or dryness, heat, sunlight, and corrosive gasses or liquids.  The insulation is colored black and is numbered for identification.

    • Outer Jacket

    -           The PVC outer jacket serves as the first line of defense to the electrical components of the cable.  The outer jacket prevents abrasion to the conductors and also helps defend the conductors from weather and other corrosive elements. 

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Number of Conductors in Cable Ground Wire Size (AWG) Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    XHHW 8 Gauge 4 10 8 7 .700 415
    XHHW 6 Gauge 4 8 6 7 .750 575
    XHHW 4 Gauge 4 8 4 7 .970 840
    XHHW 2 Gauge 4 6 2 7 1.220 1200
    XHHW 1 Gauge 4 6 1 19 1.360 1545
    XHHW 1/0 Gauge 4 6 1/0 19 1.470 1835
    XHHW 2/0 Gauge 4 6 2/0 19 1.470 2195
    XHHW 3/0 Gauge 4 4 3/0 19 1.590 2800
    XHHW 4/0 Gauge 4 4 4/0 19 1.800 3460
    XHHW 250 MCM 4 4 250 37 1.930 4040
    XHHW 350 MCM 4 3 350 37 2.200 5475
    XHHW 500 MCM 4 2 500 37 2.500 7635

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