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    The THHN Power Cable-4 Conductor With Ground Type TC cable assembly contains three THHN copper phase conductors and one bare ground wire.  THHN stands for; Thermoplastic High Heat resistant Nylon coated.  This versatile cable is designed to withstand high heats up to 90°C.  The phase conductors are individually insulated with polyvinyl chloride.  The three phase conductors and bare copper ground wire are wrapped in a clear separator to make stripping the cables easier.  A durable nylon jacket encases the assembly of conductors, further adding to the cable’s defense against wear and tear.

    THHN Power Cable-4 Conductor With Ground Type TC cable has proven itself capable of performing a wide array of assignments, mostly due to its copper conductors and tough exterior jacket.  The flame-resistant and heat-tolerant outer layer makes the cable suitable for hazardous locations where there is a high risk of fire.  The cable is able to perform efficiently when exposed to oil, coolants, or other chemicals, making it a popular choice for use in oil rigs, chemical plants, and laboratories.  The cable is also sunlight and moisture resistant so the cable can be used in tropical locations or at sea.  

    (AWG or KCMIL)
    Number of Conductors in Cable Ground Wire Size (AWG) Size AWG Stranding Diameter Complete Cable (O.D.) (Inches) Weight Per 1000ft Total (Lbs.)
    THHN 8 Gauge 4 10 8 7 .700 385
    THHN 6 Gauge 4 8 6 7 .750 550
    THHN 4 Gauge 4 8 4 7 .970 830
    THHN 2 Gauge 4 6 2 7 1.220 1240
    THHN 1 Gauge 4 6 1 19 1.360 1540
    THHN 1/0 Gauge 4 6 1/0 19 1.470 1810
    THHN 2/0 Gauge 4 6 2/0 19 1.470 2450
    THHN 3/0 Gauge 4 4 3/0 19 1.590 2650
    THHN 4/0 Gauge 4 4 4/0 19 1.800 3520
    THHN 250 MCM 4 4 250 37 1.930 4120
    THHN 350 MCM 4 3 350 37 2.200 5675
    THHN 500 MCM 4 2 500 37 2.500 8150
    THHN Power Cable

    THHN Copper Wire 4 Conductor & Ground

    With the copper Pro-Line Type THHN or THWN-2 conductors you get primarily used pipe and cable platters for services, feeders, and branch circuits in profitable or industrial claims as stated in the National Electrical Code. The Pro-Line Wire & Cable union which is run by Bryan Holmes and a clever staff providing a full choice of wires and cables that emphases on two main markets, i.e. OEM and Electrical Distributors.

    When Type THHN copper cable is being used, the conductor is appropriate for use in dry locations which temperatures do not to exceed 90°C. When the Type THWN-2 is used, the conductor is suitable for any situation of wet or dry locations at temperatures where 90°Cis not exceeded or even 75°C, when unprotected to oil or coolant. When Type MTW is used, the conductor is appropriate for use in all sorts of wet locations, also when exposed to oil or coolant at temperatures not exceeding 60°C, and dry locations at not exceeding 90°C (with ampacity restricted to 75°C conductor temperature per NFPA 79). Temperatures of conductors should not exceed 105°C in dry locations with AWM ratings and being used as utilization wiring substantial. Voltage for all claims is 600 volts.

    It has standards of Pro-Line Type THHN or THWN-2 or MTW, and also AWM. It meets or surpasses all appropriate ASTM specifications, UL Standard 83, UL Standard 1063 (MTW), Federal Specification A-A-59544, and supplies of the National Electrical Code. Pro-Line Type THHN or THWN-2 or MTW copper conductors are strengthened (soft) copper, protected with a hard heat and moisture resistant polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and finished which a nylon (polyamide) or UL-listed equivalent jacket is functional. Can come in black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, and gray; with standard colors, or some just focus based on financial order quantity. Rods sizes can go about 2 AWG and larger recorded and obvious sunlight-resistant which comes in black merely.

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    THHN Power Cable 4 Conductor With Ground

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