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  1. Low Volt Onshore And Offshore Cable
    1. Prysmian and Draka Cable Low Voltage AIRGUARD 3/C and 4/C Cable
    2. Prysmian Cable 600 Volt 2/C AIRGUARD Low Voltage Cables
    3. Prysmian and Draka Cable Low Voltage AIRGUARD 600 Volt Control Cable 
    4. Prysmian And Draka Cable Low Voltage AIRGUARD VFD 600 Volt Power Cable
    5. Prysmian Cable 600 Volt 3/C AIRGUARD Low Voltage Commercial and Industrial Cables
    6. Prysmian Cable 600 Volt 3C AIR BAG Low Voltage Commercial and Industrial Cables
  2. EPR-CPE Power Cable Type TC With Grounding Conductor
  3. EPR-HYP Power Cable 3 Conductor W/ Ground Type TC
  4. THHN Power Cable 3 Conductor W/ Ground Type TC
  5. THHN Power Cable 4 Conductor With Ground
  6. Tray Cable Type TC THHN, THWN or XHHW Copper Conductors
  7. XHHW Power Cable 3 Conductor With Ground Type TC
  8. XHHW Power Cable 4 Conductor With Ground Type TC

Copper Tray Cable TC is a power cable designed for installation in cable trays, raceway, and conduit. It can also be installed in outdoor applications with adequate support by guy or messenger wire. Copper Tray Cable TC is commonly used in industrial locations to supply power to appliances, motors and other devices. These cables are constructed with one or more annealed copper conductors that are insulated and jacketed in durable, resilient material to best protect against the environment in which it is to be installed.

Copper Tray Cable (Type TC) is commonly used in high power functions such as power extensions, industrial control systems, petrochemical refineries, intercom systems, traffic controls relay, and more. These industrial class cables include one or more copper conductors that is insulated and jacketed for maximum protection.

Copper Tray Cable is suitable for use in Class 1 and 2, Division 2 hazardous locations and for installation in trays, wireways, troughs, ducts, conduit and channels. Aside from being installed in a protective tray or duct, Copper Tray Cable is resistant to many harmful elements because it bears two to three layers of protective insulation. There are several different insulation and jacketing combinations available, including materials such as ethylene propylene rubber (EPR), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Hypalon® and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). Each type of material has its own attributes best suited to protect the conductors in a different environment (i.e., locations with high risk of fire or environments with extremely low temperatures).

Copper Tray Cable is typically constructed with soft annealed class B copper. Annealed copper undergoes a process in which the metal is heated and then slowly cooled. This process releases internal stress within the metal to produce a more flexible conductor without compromising the copper’s powerful conductive properties.

Copper Tray Cable TC is UL rated for use in conduit, duct, trough, or other raceway.  Copper Tray Cable TC offers the powerful conductive properties of copper metal combined with resilient insulation and jacketing to ensure the longevity of the cable.  Nassua Electrical Supply carries several cross linked insulation and jacket options for optimal functionality in the location in which the cable is to be installed.

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