Low Voltage Hook Up Wire is used to transmit low voltages of 600 volts or less through a variety of applications from machine and motors to small appliances. Nassau National Cable's selection of Low Voltage Hook Up Wire features high quality cables that employ tinned copper conductors for optimal conductivity. Tinned copper conductors offer the advantage of improved tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and conductive properties.

Nassau National Cable offers Low Voltage Hook Up Wire in round or flat construction. The flattened design is most useful in scenarios where there is a high risk of the cable being crushed or impacted frequently over time. The conductors are laid parallel to one another so that they will not shift beneath the insulation under stress. Low Voltage Hook Up Wires are available with Carolprene insulation. Carolprene material offers great resistance to flame, oil and chemicals, while keeping the valuable conductive components safe from abrasion.

Heavy-duty applications for Low Voltage Hook Up Wire include motor and transformer leads and external wiring for machinery. These cables are excellent for motors and machinery because of their oil and chemical resistance. Also, the flattened, crush-resistant design ensures that they will be able to endure punishment over time. Lighter applications include wiring for lighting, jukeboxes, and sound system circuits of 600 volts or less. Nassau National Cable's Low Voltage Hook Up Wire is UL listed flame-resistant and is therefore suitable in locations where there is an increased risk of fire.

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