Nassau National Cable offers a large selection of Specialty Building Wire that cover a wide range of specific uses. Each of these cables feature unique constructions to best fit the task at hand. Specialty Building Wire include direct burial, cable tray, and free air cables. These cables are used in commercial, industrial, and utility applications. The style of cable all depends on the required voltage, temperature, and resistance ratings.

Specialty Building Wire begins with a single cooper conductor. In most cases, conductors in this category are made with Class B copper that aligns with ASTM standards B3 for annealed copper, and B8 for concentric-lay-stranded conductors. Class B copper is known for its flexibility. The copper undergoes a process in which the metal is heated and then slowly cooled, releasing internal stress from the copper. The end product is a more malleable conductor that offers the same powerful conductive properties as standard copper. Additionally, many of the cables in this category feature tinned copper conductors which improves tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and conductivity.

The variations within the Specialty Building Wire category are the cables' insulation and jacketing. Nassau National Cable's extensive inventory includes several options of insulation and jackets to ensure these cables function at optimal levels in their given environment. Whether it is increase flexibility, chemical-resistance, or low smoke, zero-halogen emission, Nassau National Cable carries a style of Specialty Building Wire that will suit the scenario.

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