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Commercial and Industrial Cables are special cables usually made of copper and aluminum metals. They are insulated to offer protection against shocks to electricians handling them during installation as well as preventing the cable from moisture. Electrical power supply cable is categorized into Commercial and Industrial cable. When we mention a Commercial Cable we refer to a solid conductor which is not preferred for use in high flex applications whereas an Industrial Cable simply refers to a stranded conductor with a more improved flexibility.

Are Commercial Cables suitable for Industrial Environments? Of course not, this is because an industrialized environment is harsh and dangerous thus the need for an Industrial Cable which has an improved flexibility. An industrial cable is termed to have an improved flexibility since its products are designed with industrial jacket that is heavy-walled, hence applied in a wide environmental conditions i.e. extremely wet or dry environments. The heavy-walled jacketing of the industrial cable affirms its longer performing life as compared to the commercial cable which has a reduced life. What would you go for? An Industrial Cable with a more service life or a Commercial Cable which is less durable.

At Nassau Electrical we offer top quality cable products to our customers, regardless of where they are round the globe. Our products are tested and approved to fit in accordance to the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) standards. We value our customers and offer them installation skills to ensure that their electrical supplying systems are installed properly with the right cable. I believe that it is an obligation of each and every electrician to offer quality power supplying services to their customers. On this post I’ll share with you about Prysmian and Draka Low Voltage commercial and industrial 2000V cable, and the Prysmian Low Voltage commercial and industrial 600V.

Prysmian and Draka Low Voltage 2000V Cable

This cable combines both commercial and industrial properties. What really do we mean by Prysmian and Draka Low Voltage Cable? We refer to a single conductor of 2Kv RHW-2 that is non-halogenated. It is made of Class B concentrically annealed round compressed bare stranded copper, which is generally designed to serve a dual environmental conditions meaning that it can be installed in areas experiencing either wet climatic conditions or dry climatic conditions.

Who doesn’t need a dual purpose cable? When it comes to ensuring a continuous power flowing system, electrical distributing channel should be instilled with durable and environmental friendly cables to help in eliminating unnecessary power faults. A cable that is not limited to serve under one environmental condition like the Prysmian and Draka Low voltage 2000V cable

Low Voltage 2000V Cable has both inner and outer insulation to help enhance its performance. The inner insulation system consists of a thermosetting polyolefin as well as the outer extruded insulation. A power supplying cable should be insulated properly as it also helps in reducing the effect of overheating during electric flow. Installing such a cable in your power line will give you confidence even as you continually inspect your power connection. This cable is approved to be in accordance to the following UL specification standards;

  • UL-UL 1685 ST1
  • IEEE-IEEEE 1202 flame test
  • ICEA- ICEA S-95-658
  • NFPA- NFPA 130 2014 Code Compliant

Why go this Cable?
Just like any other cable, the Low Voltage 2000 Volts Cable has its unique resilient features that enhance its performance of supplying electricity to our industries, hospitals as well as residential buildings. It is made of copper wires which is well known for its strength to withstand abrasion. Cables made of copper do not easily succumb to creep and therefore are termed to be stronger than aluminum made cables. Copper cables also do not bend easily thus inhibiting unnecessary breaking which may arise during installation.

Insulation system of Low Voltage 2000V Cable is a dual-layer product whereby the inner as well as the outer layer is co-extruded to achieve the tightly bonded insulation system. The inner insulation layer uses an EPR based compound and is enhanced for superior electrical properties whereas the outer insulation layer is an EVA based.

The EVA-based layer specifically offers the rugged outer covering, which gives the additional benefit of LSHF material; LSHF material refers to Limited-Smoke and Halogen-Free material. The LSHF material is known to be flame retardant and thus do not burn easily in case of sudden fire outbreak. To top it all both the inner and the outer layers are Cross Linked polyolefins to further protect the cable against mechanical and chemical damage.

Go for Low Voltage 2000 Volts Cable because of its undisputed insulation system, it has a strong copper conductor which also affirms its durability. Who doesn’t need a durable cable? Electric cables are exposed to unfriendly environment accompanied by extremely harsh climatic conditions, which require a cable with good insulation system.

Installation of Low Voltage, 2000 Volts Cable
Installation simply means the process of laying out the electric distributing cable channel. This is a process that require special attention and relevant measures in line with the installation guidelines should be observed properly. After acquiring the recommended cable that best suits your power lines you are expected to install it in reference to its installation manual, to avoid power faults and blows which would arise if installed arbitrarily.

Conventionally, the installation of Low Voltage 2000 Volts Cable can be deployed in the Underground Duct in which the electric current is distributed through the underground power transmission method, and the cable is buried underground in the duct system.

This manifests the need of dual layer of insulation system of Low Voltage 2000 Volts Cable since it is laid under the rocky environment. It can as well be installed in air conduit, cable tray as well as dry and wet environmental conditions. Each and every cable sold by Nassau National Cable comes with a free installation manual which is essential and will make your installation process much easier, since you don’t need to take much time in fixing and disbanding the power cable; you will take it easy and install your Low Voltage 2000 Volts Cable without extra efforts.

Prysmian Low Voltage commercial and industrial 600V Cable
Prysmian Low Voltage 600V Cable is made of concentrically annealed Class B, compressed round and bare stranded copper conductor. But what is the meaning of Prysmian Low Voltage 600V? This simply refer to a single conductor of 600V RHW-2 or the USE-2 halogen free cable with a stranded copper conductor. Halogen majorly include chlorides, helium, argon etc. they are chemicals which are highly reactive and when in contact with electrical supplying cable would lead to their corrosion.

We offer top quality products at Nassau Electrical to our customers, and our products especially the Prysmian Low Voltage 600V are tested and proven to adhere with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) specifications which include the following;

  • ICEA-ICEA S-95-658
  • IEEE – IEEE 1202 Flame Test
  • CSA- CSA C22.2 No. 0.3 as well as the CSA- CSA C22.2 No. 210.2
  • ICEA- ICEA S-105-692

Why go for this cable?
There are a number of reasons why you may choose a certain cable over another but before you do so, here are some of the important features of Prysmian Low Voltage 600V Cable which enhance its operation as far as electric supply is concerned.

You will agree with me that the world is continually growing in terms of industries, that there is an increasing emergence of industries globally. Industries produce fumes which are suspended freely into the atmosphere. Where do these fumes go to? The suspended fumes are washed away by rain drops and when get into contact with bare electrical cable consequently leads to corrosion as well as power fault as a long germ effect. Prysmian Low Voltage 600V cable is insulated with RHW-2 or USE-2 which is none halogenated and thus prevent further corrosive reaction that may occur.

It has a dual layer of insulation of which the inner layer and the outer layer are co-extruded to build up a tight bond system.

The inner layer uses an EPR based compound which advocates for the superior electrical properties of this cable. An outer layer of this insulation is EVA built and responsible for providing the rugged outer coating. EVA-based layer also provides further benefits of LSHF (Limited Smoke and Halogen) materials, with a cross-linked polyolefins in both the inner and the outer layers. A power supplying cable baring this kind of insulation can operate in any kind of environment without difficulty. This is because the presence of LSHF make it withstand corrosive chemicals, and conventionally the dual insulation layer provides protection against chemical and mechanical damage.

Installation of Prysmian Low Voltage 600V Cable
Electrical distributing cables should be properly installed and thorough inspection should be carried out before and after the installation to ensure safety. Electricity plays a major role in our society today as far as technology and invention is concerned. For this reason, we need electricity to run our heavy industrial machines and even in hospitals where electric power is needed to run lifesaving machines.

When power serving channels are carelessly laid without taking into account the installation manuals, believe you me that these life supporting machines in hospitals and heavy loads of industrial machines will automatically shut down. You can imagine the impact of power faults when it occurs and the lifesaving machines in the hospitals shut down, what will happen to that patient whose life was closely supervised with that machine? Yes, there would be a crisis.

Installation of Prysmian Low Voltage 600V Cable is applied in a vast field including underground duct. The underground duct majorly involves the underground power transmission method, where the electric supplying cable is installed and buried underground. Its installation can as well be applied in both dry and wet locations which is due to the super insulation of this cable. Insulation plays a major role in cable life as well as the electrician’s life, during and after installation. It is made of soft copper wires which require less energy to bend and twist during installation process.

Advantages of Commercial and Industrial Cable
Commercial and Industrial power supplying cables are lightweight and thus requires less effort when carrying and pulling them by the electricians during installation. Because of their lightweight, lower shipping and handling costs are incurred. Indeed, they are pocket friendly.

Low impedance. This refer to low power loss, commercial and industrial cable have low power loss thus preventing overheating effect. They are also non corrosive with low resistance affirming their superior electric conductivity. This cable also exhibits low noise and high signal clarity.

Where to buy Commercial and Industrial Cable
Due to high demands of the Commercial and Industrial power supplying cable by the public, today there are numerous power cable industries trying to serve the market. However, there are some companies that supply power cables that do not meet the required threshold in accordance to the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and NEC standards.

At Nassau National Cable we value our customers so much regardless of their social status in the community, they are all treated equally with same respect. We therefore invite you to link up with us at Nassau to make your orders and we will reach you wherever you’ll be.


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