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    Computer architecture consists of buses. These are the communication systems which assist in the data transfer between elementary computer components. Bus is an inclusive term which refers to the wires, optical fiber cables and some software like the communication protocol. The buses can either be internal or external. Where the external bus consists of electronic pathways that connect different external devices, like the printers or even computers to computers. The Bus Drop Cable is therefore a very important part of the technological revolution.

    This type of cable is a critical part of the stationery systems, just like mentioned above, the printers which is one imperative stationery equipment uses the bus drop cables. If you are planning to establish a stationery or you already have one, then I would draw your attention to the critical importance of using our cable, Bus Drop cable 600 volts UL Listed. Nassau electrical is leading in stocking and selling quality cables to our customers.Several manufacturers and producers provide breeds of cables which may not very appropriate for you, that is why we kindly request you to choose quality. Our cables come from the world leader cable producers and designers like; Southwire, Amercable and General Cable.

    Look at the various construction features of this cable so that you understand why it should serve you well. Conductor type of a cable helps to predict where and why you should shop certain cable. Copper is one of the fastest electric conductors and that is why the designers and manufacturers considered using theannealed stranded bare copper to make the cable. Type 14 through 2 Awg size copper which is designed according to the ASTM B8 is the used conductor for Bus drop cable. Compressed stranded copper is an alternative conductor designed according to the UL-83. The key advantage of compressing the conductor is to reduce its size and enhance support. A compressed conductor tends to be stronger. Stranding of conductor is to achieve fast electrical conductivity.

    An insulation system helps to determine the service efficiency of a conductor. There are cables whose insulations are weak. The longevity of the cable is reclined on how tough and durable its insulation is. Our bus drop cable has a nylon jacket whose design meets the UL-83 application. Its insulation is a color coded thermoplastic material which is made from PVC. The grounding conductors of the cable are often uninsulated. These grounds are designed in a concentric stranded and compressed configuration. The color codes of the conductor jackets are Black, White and Red to avoid confusions.

    The outstanding features of the cable include: one uninsulated ground conductor for every interstice which gives a total of three ground conductors. The cable adaptability gives it oil resistance. It also rebuffs other elements like any sort of lubricant, acid, alkali, ozone or water. Therefore it is justifiable to say that our product is not prone to flames and is not highly corroded. The mechanical abrasions are also resisted by the enduring and tough insulation.

    Now that you have known much about the cable, you could be wondering where and how you should use the bus drop cable, I have a solution for you. You can apply this cable when doing bus-ways branching in your connection system for buses. Since the cable is made of annealed copper, it tends to be soft and flexible thus can be bent easily during installation. The NEC outlines how the branches can be developed from busways using the cable. It is also used in the portable stationery equipment connection so as to facilitate relocation or interchange of the equipment. Stationary appliances like printers and desktop computers are connected using the buses.The bus drop cable is applied for 600 volts demanding systems. It is also used in indoor and outdoor applications, both in wet and dry locations as prescribed by the UL listing. It is works well in conditions with up to 75 degree Celsius temperature.

    Industrial Approval
    A quality cable has to be standardized and approved by the regulatory bodies. This is done to ensure safety of the product consumption. Our cable is a product of qualified and approved systems of certified and accredited manufacturers and designers. We have our industrial approvals of UL Listed and RoHS Compliant.

    I should feel you have seen the good side of this cable. You should never hesitate to link up with Nassau electrical so that you enjoy the exemplary services we deliver to our customers. We offer a wide variety of cables which are good for you.

    Scroll through our articles and see other resourceful posts on other related products. We love our customers and we want to serve you well. In case you have queries, feel free to join our live chat so that we answer you promptly.

    nominal ins.
    nominal o.d. current
    general cable 
    and carol brand 
    part number
    inches mm inches mm
    14 3 19 0.030 0.76 0.400 10.16 15 120 250' 03714
    12 3 19 0.030 0.76 0.425 10.80 20 150 250' 03712
    10 3 19 0.030 0.76 0.485 12.32 25 225 250' 03710
    8 3 19 0.045 1.14 0.625 15.88 35 370 250' 03708
    6 3 19 0.060 1.52 0.770 19.56 45 600 250' 03706
    4 3 19 0.060 1.52 0.950 24.13 60 751 250' 03704
    2 3 133 0.060 1.52 1.145 29.08 80 1097 250' 03702

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    Bus Drop Cable 600 Volt UL Listed

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