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    All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (AAAC) was developed to fulfill the requirement of an economical conductor for overhead applications requiring higher strength than what was reachable with 1350 grade aluminum conductors, but without a steel center.  It is used as a bare overhead conductor for primary and secondary distribution. 

    Concentric lay stranded All Aluminum Alloy Conductors are made out of high strength Aluminum-Magnesium-Silicon Alloy. AAAC is supplied with several variations of electrical grade combination types: 6101 and 6201. AAAC is produced using one or more strands of hard drawn 1350 aluminum composite. The high strength to weight ratio given by the 6201-T81 composite makes the homogeneous development of AAAC conductors a favored decision for transmission and distribution ventures where a conductor with more strength than AAC is required, a conductor with comparable strength than ACSR is favored and where a higher corrosion resistance than ACSR is needed.

    These conductors are designed to get better strength to weight ratio and offer enhanced electrical properties including but not limited to: excellent sag-pressure qualities, and prevalent corrosion resistance when contrasted and ACSR. When compared with a routine ACSR transmitter, the lighter weight, relative strength and current carrying capacity, lower electrical losses and predominant corrosion resistance have given AAAC a wide recognition in the distribution of medium and high voltage transmission lines.  In fact, AAAC has the best strength to weight ratio amongst all bare overhead cables.

    Product Highlights:

    • AAAC  conductor  is  a  concentric  lay  stranded  conductor  consisting  of  Aluminum  Alloy  6201-T81  wires,  similar  in appearance to a 1350 grade aluminum conductor.
    • DC resistance at 20°C of the 6201-T81 alloy has a greater resistance to abrasion than conductors of 1350-H19 grade aluminum.
    • Available in both single and multi-layer constructions

    Technical Standards:

    B-398              aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 round wire which are solution heat-treated, cold worked, and artificially aged for electrical purposes.

    B-399              concentric-lay-stranded conductors, made from round aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 (hard: solution heat-treated, cold worked, and then artificially aged) wires, for use for electrical purposes.

    Code Word Size (KCMIL) Stranding Diameter (ins.) Individual Wires Diameter (ins.) Complete Cable Weight per 1,000 ft.
    Rated Strength (lbs.)
    Akron 30.58 7 .0661 .1980 28.5 1110
    Alton 48.69 7 .0834 .2500 45.4 1760
    Ames 77.47 7 .1052 .3160 72.2 2800
    Azusa 123.3 7 .1327 .3980 115.0 4460
    Anaheim 155.4 7 .1490 .4470 144.9 5390
    Amherst 195.7 7 .1672 .5020 182.5 6790
    Alliance 246.9 7 .1878 .5630 230.2 8560
    Butte 312.8 19 .1283 .6420 291.7 11000
    Canton 394.5 19 .1441 .7200 367.9 13300
    Cairo 465.4 19 .1565 .7830 434.0 15600
    Darien 559.5 19 .1716 .8580 521.7 18800
    Elgin 652.4 19 .1853 .9270 608.4 21900
    Flint 740.8 37 .1415 .9900 690.8 24400
    Greeley 927.2 37 .1583 1.1080 864.6 30500

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