• Prysmian Cable 600 Volt USC90 Low Voltage Utility Cables

    Prysmian Cable 600 Volt USC90 Low Voltage Utility Cables

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    Prysmian Cable 600 Volt USC90 Low Voltage Utility Cables

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    Utility of power has everything to do with what you want to do with the power. The amount of work and the size of load will reflect on the type of voltage to supply. Heavy loads like industrial works demand for high voltage supply while the light loads like domestic works or even light commercial duties will be sufficiently ran on a low voltage supply. This low voltage has to be distributed using the right cables so that you reduce power loss. When the cables for voltage distribution to the user is not right, a user can end up paying for more than he/she has used in her premise. There many other dangers that can arise from using wrong cables.

    Dangerous Of Using Wrong Cables
    When you don’t use the right cable then you are opening way for the following problems:
    • Blowing out of small devices
    • There is less precision in making light bulbs
    • Low power conservation
    • Inactivity of some of the home gadgets since more voltage is lost in the line of transmission.

    Usc90 Conductor Cable
    This cable serves you right, it is very suitable for the 600 volt transmission. USC90 cable is made up of various hybrid of conductors which are very good at power transmission, very competent, have high adaptability features and reliable for electric works. These cables include: Class B conductors, multiple conductors and Aluminum alloys.

    Cable Jacketing and Insulation
    Insulating a cable is very important in the electric works. Insulation provides a convenient interface between the live cables and the user or the live conductors and the neutral path. Therefore it is important to settle on a cable which has a .promising insulation system. The USC90 cable has an insulation system made from across-linked polyethylene material. This is a dielectric material which is adapted to low temperature but demonstrates exceptional mechanical and electrical properties for the life preservation of cables.

    The jacket is the special feature that houses all the conductors of the cable altogether. The jacket for the USC90 cables is made from the Polyvinyl Chloride material which also known as PVC. Our jackets are appropriately colored and adaptable to low temperatures.

    Our cable is made up of a neutral strand, a live conductor which is made from either of the conductors, an insulator and a suitable jacket. All these components are always bound mechanically together with the phase conductors. An aluminum phase conductor and one neutral strand are twisted together to form the cable. It has an insulation which is moisture proof, adapted to low temperature and has immense flexibility, exhibited with mechanical toughness.

    The USC90 cable is very suitable for either Air conduit installation or direct burial or the Underground duct method. This cable is made in such a way that it can survive well in both dry and wet locations. The mechanical features of the cable has made it to pass all the lab and mechanical tests. For all low voltage supplies, this cable leads as others follow.

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    insulation thickness
    jacket thickness (mils) approximate diameter (mm) cable

    prysmian cable
    part number
    phase neutral phase neutral phase
    600 volt aluminum two conductor
    1/c 1/0 awg al 1/0 awg al 55 55 45 45 13.97 13.97 27.94 509 120 Q0Q930C

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    Prysmian Cable 600 Volt USC90 Low Voltage Utility Cables

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