• Prysmian Cable 600 Volt SuperFlex XLP Low Voltage Utility Cables

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    Life without steady supply of electricity today would adversely affect companies, residential properties and institutions that run on power. Power drives the world’s economy and that’s why many companies are consistently upgrading their power supply infrastructure for better power delivery. Fluctuations would lead to lower economic growth of the country lowering the standards of living. The Prysmian cable, 600 volts Superflex XLP Low Voltage was manufactured to make power transmission smoother and steady.

    The cable facilitates consistent power supply in facilities like hospitals which require specific power input and hence it ensures stable transmissions.The Prysmian Cable 600 volts is an electrode that transmitspower in a superb manner thanks to the careful choice of materials used to make it. This cable has been manufactured using compressed aluminum alloyed as per ASTM 1350. The cable belongs to class B compacted Unilayalloy whereby a single layer is cross-linked with polyethylene insulator. It has unique extrusions which are thermosetting and are also cross-linked using black polyethylene.

    There are different types of cables used in power supply and power connections in residential buildings. The supply chain requires different cables to be used at different levels. The cables are used differently based on their resilience. There are cables that are preferably used for transmittinghigh voltage electricity from generating sources, whereas some cables can only be used to wire low voltage power from service drop infrastructure to the meter box as well as in distributing the low voltage power within the building. This cable is specifically for low voltages of below 600v.

    The Prysmian cable 600 voltssuperflex XLP has some unique features that makes it suitable for its purpose. Here are some of the key features:
    • The cable has a round compressed base for additional balance and flexibility. During the power connection,
       stiff cables may be difficult and tiresome to handle and that is why the superflex cable was made to ensure more
       flexibility for better handling.
    • The cable is encased with an aluminum alloy to enhance its stiffness. Aluminum made materials have a luster
       that gives them a shiny look while at the same time ductile and malleable.
    • High resistivity to sunlight due to the presence of the thermosetting black polyethylene and cross linked with
       three yellow stripes for clear identification.

    Prysmian cable 600VSuperflex XLP Low voltage utility cables were developed to help with smooth power transmission. The cable can be buried as a utility secondary transmission line or used for in-house cabling in residential buildings. It can also be used in both dry and wet areas as long as the temperature do not exceed 90 degrees. The cable is readily available in the market and has been tested and proven to comply with the international standards like ASTM 1350. If you’re experiencing inconsistencies in power transmissions, one of the possible causes of the inconsistencies could be the cable quality. Replacing the existing cable with this could solve your problem. For a quote or more information on this cable, please get in touch with us today. 

    radius (in)
    † ampacity
    prysmian cable
    part number
    (a) (b) 90°c
    in duct
    direct buried
    600 Volt Aluminum Single Conductor
    8 awg al cornell 60 0.143 0.27 33 2 45 70 Q0I300A
    6 awg al princeton 60 0.180 0.31 44 2 55 90 Q0J300A
    4 awg al mercer 60 0.226 0.35 63 2 75 120 Q0K300A
    2 awg al clemson 60 0.284 0.41 92 2 100 155 Q0M300A
    1 awg al kenyon 80 0.313 0.48 121 2 115 175 Q0O300A
    1/0 awg al harvard 80 0.352 0.52 146 3 135 200 Q0Q300A
    2/0 awg al yale 80 0.395 0.56 177 3 155 225 Q0R300A
    3/0 awg al tufts 80 0.443 0.61 215 3 180 260 Q0S300A
    4/0 awg al beloit 80 0.498 0.67 263 3 210 295 Q0T300A
    250 MCM al hofstra 95 0.561 0.76 318 4 230 320 Q0U300A
    350 MCM al rutgers 95 0.664 0.87 427 4 285 385 Q0V300A
    500 MCM al emory 95 0.794 1.00 587 4 350 465 Q0W300A
    750 MCM al sewanee 110 0.974 1.21 867 7 455 580 Q0X300A
    1000 MCM al fordham 110 1.124 1.36 1128 7 540 670 Q0Y300A

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    Prysmian Cable 600 Volt SuperFlex XLP Low Voltage Utility Cables

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