• PowrServ Duplex Al Conductor XLPE Insulation UL Type USE-2 XL Underground Distribution Cable 600V

    PowrServ Duplex Al Conductor XLPE Insulation UL Type USE-2 XL Underground Distribution Cable 600V

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    The need for sustainable power supply cannot be exaggerated. That’s why companies and residential properties are consistently upgrading their power infrastructure to ensure smooth, safe and efficient transmission. The process of power transmission from the sources to our residential places and companies should be done using genuine cables to avoid frequent power faults and surges.The Duplex XLPE is one of the commonly used conductors to reduce fluctuations in power supply.

    In this post I share with you about the Duplex XLPE 600 voltage cable, a cable designed for underground supply of electricity. It has special attributes which add to its structural strength so that it can bear the dynamics of the underground environment and still operate at its best.

    The 600voltage Duplex XLPE power serving cable comprise of one phase electrode with one neutral conductor, insulated with lead free extruded polyethylene that is cross linked around it. The Duplex power serving cable is twisted to form the duplex assembly. Aluminum is used because it’s strong and has an appealing shiny glaring look. The materials is also malleable enough to withstandtension and compression. The aluminum used has been compressed in line with the ASTM 1350-19 which can either be a class SIW or B.

    Like other electrodes, the Duplex underground cable is insulated with a black polyethylene which is crossly linked and free from lead. It has a mark of three yellow stripes which are extruded for easy identification. However, the mark for phase identification is in white print legend marks, with a sequential footage marks on the phase alongside the three extruded yellow strips on the neutral electrode.

    The cable has been tested and proven to be legit by the UL 854 alongside ANSI/ICEA S-105692 and listed to be a type USE-2 cable.

    Features and applications
    Every cable used in electric power transmission has got its own features that makes it prove to be worthy of transmitting power.
    • The power serving XL cable has a 600v rating which means it can transmit up to 600 volts safely.
    • The cable is made of aluminum which is malleable and highly flexible. The high flexibility makes it suitable in
        cases where the required material should withstand tension and twisting as the case with underground cabling.
    • The polyethylene coating that gives it insulation so that the power is not lost to the surrounding environment.
        The coating also improves the cable’s resistance to abrasive forces and sunlight which causes deterioration of
        the cabling material.
    • Underground temperatures are relatively high as compared to the overhead temperatures. The underground is
         also often wetter. This calls for a material which can work well under hot and wet environments. This cable can
         work well in temperatures of up to 900C and is well coated to keep of moisture hence suitable.

    We hope that you found this article insightful. If you need help with picking a suitable cable for underground works please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be glad to give you the best advice and a quote.

    phase conductor neutral conductor eff.
    ampacity (2) packaging
    ftreel (3)
    code word
    no. of
    al total direct
    6 7 0.060 6 7 0.060 0.60 49 89 110 70 nr 24.18 clafl in/xp/eys
    4 7 0.060 4 7 0.060 0.69 78 127 145 90 nr 24.18 delgado/xp/eys
    2 7 0.060 2 7 0.060 0.81 125 185 185 120 nr 27.18 everett/xp/eys
    1/0 19 0.080 1/0 19 0.080 1.02 199 291 235 160 nr 32.24 -none-
    2/0 19 0.080 2/0 19 0.080 1.11 250 353 270 185 nr 32.24 findlay/xp/eys
    3/0 19 0.080 3/0 19 0.080 1.21 315 430 305 210 nr 36.24 -none-
    4/0 19 0.080 4/0 19 0.080 1.32 398 526 350 245 nr 40.24 hanover/xp/eys

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    PowrServ Duplex Al Conductor XLPE Insulation UL Type USE-2 XL Underground Distribution Cable 600V

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