• Duplex Aluminum Cable Type URD

    Duplex Aluminum Cable Type URD

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    Different cables are used in the underground power transmission.Some are good while others are of low quality. Low quality cables cause power surges and inconsistencies in transmission. The use of low quality cable can be dangerous and may lead to frequent power faults andblow-out of appliances, therefore you need to choose the right power cable for underground installation. The right cable should bemade of high quality materials, and possess features that enhance its underground power serving role. Various cables are preferred for use as an underground power serving cable, but on this post I will share with you about the Duplex Underground Aluminum cable.

    The Duplex Aluminum conductor is the same as the Duplex Aluminum Service Drop cable having two electrodes compacted together to form one neutral electrode and one phase electrode. These electrodes are made of 1350-H19 aluminum alloy of 99.5% aluminum along with other metals to help improve its conductivity and strength. The two electrodes are insulated using either standard polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene jacket. The cable has a voltage rating of 600 volts. All of the materials used in making it are tested to meets the standards of ASTM cable specifications.

    Features and Benefits
    • Like many underground cable, the Duplex Aluminum Conductor URD cable has its unique features that enables
        it to operate well as an underground power distributing cable.
    • This cable has a rating of 600v which means that it can safely transmit high voltages of up to 600 volts without
        breaking down.
    • Has two electrodes which are insulated with either standard or cross-linked polyethylene insulator. The
        insulation by the polyethylene jacket protects the two electrodes from corrosive chemicals, excessive heat and
    • The standard polyethylene jacket protects the electrode under moist temperatures, allowing the cable to
        operate in temperatures of up to 75 degrees. While the cross-linked polyethylene jacket protects the electrode
        in harsher environments of higher temperatures, of up to 90 degrees.

    It is designed for underground power installation used as a secondary power transmission cable. I therefore recommend that you give it a try for best results.

    Code Word.............. Phase Conductor Neutral Diameter (mils) Weight Per 1000 feet (lbs.) Allowable Ampacity
    Size (AWG)
    Insul. Thick. (mils) Size (AWG)
    Insul. Thick. (mils) Single Phase Cond.
    lete Cable
    Direct Burial In Ducts
    Bard 8 7 60 8 7 60 262 524 64 70 55
    Claflin 6 7 60 6 7 60 298 596 89 95 70
    Delgado 4 7 60 4 7 60 345 690 127 125 90
    Everett 2 7 60 2 7 60 381 806 152 165 120

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