• Aluminum Service Entrance SEU - Type SE - Style U

    Aluminum Service Entrance SEU - Type SE - Style U

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    The transmission of power requires a steady channel right from the source to the final destination. In a power transmission system, different cables are used at different points. At higher voltage levels conductors that can sustain high volts at high temperatures are used and at lower volts cables with lower voltage limits can be used. The type SEU Aluminum Service Entrance Cable specially developed to help supply power of relatively lower voltage from the service drop a meter box of a residential building, as well as to the distribution power to a panel board. The SE wiring cable is looped above the ground connecting the overhead power cables to the premises where it is required.

    The Type SE cable is manufactured using the Alumafex aluminum alloyed AA-800 series, with compacted strands of electrodes. These electrodes are coated with sunlight resistor Type XHHW-2 insulator. The electrodes are also wrapped around with a reinforcement tape, to further strength alongside conformity. These conductors are then covered with a gray polyvinyl chloride as an outer jacket that provides resistivity to sunlight. These cables are identified with the colored strips on the insulation, in which three electrodes are black, and black with red stripe, four electrodes having black, black with red strips and black with white strips and, a five electrodes black, black with blue strip, black with red strip, and black with white strip.

    The SEU Aluminum Service Entrance Cable type SE- Style U cable is made in multiple constructions dependent on the number required. For average voltages, the two electrodes option can be used as it consists of two phase electrodes with a bare ground wiring cable. The ground cables are designed to be bare because the insulation do not affect its grounding system. There is also the three electrode option that includes a two phased electrode with one bare ground wiring cable bound with an insulated neutral cabling. The presence of the neutral cable helps in the grounding systems. When the power transmission is linked with higher voltage that calls for a heavy tasks, a four electrode option could be deployed having the three insulated phase electrodes, with the bare grounding wire.

    Main Features
    • The Aluminum SE cable has the polyvinyl chloride jacket that protects the electrodes from direct harmful
        ultraviolet rays.
    • The cable has been reinforced with a wrapping tape around the electrodes promote strength and conformity.
    • The cable has also been constructed to keep the conductors safer from corrosion which could be as a result of
        excessive moisture.

    The Aluminum Service Entrance (SE) type of cable can be put to a number of applications due to its high versatility. It electrode can operate at extremely higher temperatures of up to ninety degrees Celsius and even work competently in a wider range of climates. The SE cable can also be used in dry deserted locations because of its polyvinyl chloride jacket which provides for sunlight resistivity to keep the electrodes free from UV rays.

    When looking for an Aluminum servicing cable in the transmission of power from the service drop to the owner’s premises, I would recommend that you consider the SEU Aluminum Service cable.

    Conductor: Stranding: Nominal O.D. (mils) Allowable Ampacity
    Approx. Net Weight
    Per 1000 (lbs)
    Size/Const. (AWG
    or kcmil)
    Phase Conductor
    & Neutral
    60 °C 75 °C 90 °C Dwelling
    8-8 1 386 30 40 45 -- 68
    6-6 7 430 40 50 60 -- 93
    4-2 7 499 55 65 75 -- 129
    2-2 7 569 75 90 100 -- 186
    1-1 19 650 75 90 100 -- 100
    8-8-8 1 386x600 30 40 45 -- 104
    6-6-6 7 430x687 40 50 60 -- 146
    4-4-4 7 499x800 55 65 75 -- 198
    2-2-2 7 569x925 75 90 100 100 284
    1-1-1 19 643x1,051 85 100 115 110 356
    1/0-1/0-1/0 19 680x1,125 100 120 135 125 428
    2/0-2/0-2/0 19 736x1,221 115 135 150 150 514
    3/0-3/0-3/0 19 826x1,358 130 155 175 175 623
    4/0-4/0-4/0 19 878x1,462 150 180 205 200 728
    4-4-6 7 474x775 55 65 75 -- 181
    2-2-4 7 554x910 75 90 100 100 259
    1/0-1/0-2 19 657x1,101 105 120 130 125 386
    2/0-2/0-1 19 720x1,205 115 130 150 150 468
    4/0-4/0-2/0 19 835x1,419 150 180 205 200 691

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