These types of power cables are constructed from copper that has a concentrically stranded compressed conductor. It features ethylene propylene rubber insulation for protection from the elements and rough usage, plus an insulation shield that can easily be stripped.

It’s an ideal solution for running cabling through ductwork and conduits in buildings. It can also be used for aerials and may even be buried underground. These properties are what make this type of power cable so useful for electric utility applications. It may also be used in a number of different commercial and industrial solutions.

While some cables and wiring are limited to areas in which the average temperature will not exceed 90 degrees Celsius, this type of cable can be used in areas that approach 140 degrees during emergency overload situations. During short-circuits, the cable can even tolerate 250 degrees of heat. This type of power cable may be rated for everything from 5kv to 35kv.

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