There is a great demand for durability for cables used for out door applications. And if you have been made to believe that only gel filled opticals have what it takes to with t stand the harshness in the out door applications then you haven’t heard about the totally gel-free, riser, DT armored cable. This cable is innovatively designed to combine the safety features of an indoor, riser-rated cable together with its great strength and crush resistance thus enabling it to meet the most demanding outside plant use. All these unique features are all combined in one product which you can only find at Nassau electrical. Our number one priority is to ensure the products we sell meet the top notch quality thread hold. We never play a dice with our business, we promise you real and fulfilling services and we deliver undoutedly. May more are available at Nassau electrical, the only electrical seller with all you need.

Through this article, I want take you through the technical information relavant for a cable user about the Type DT Cable. There is a good number of users  who never take precautions when choosing cables for their applications. They end up in a mess and this can be avoided by going through resourceful and informative articles, this one inclusive. The information we give is thoroughly weighed on the scales of research and standard, we have been found authentic.

This armored cable is designed to have two conductors. These conductors used are made of copper metal. You can remember that copper has an excellent electrical conduction, which makes it the most used metal for electrical cables. These copper metals used are stranded and bare. Now, when we talk about stranding cable conductors, it simply entails bundling thin wires together. The grandest importance of stranding is the efficiency in electrical conductivity and reduction in the resistance. Thanks to the stranding  technique. The conductors are also bare which begs the question: what about its corrosion since copper is prone corrosive elements. Even though the strands are bare, the whole cable is thoroughly armored. An overal UV resistant jacket encase the conductors to complete the cable construction.

Type DT cable is primarily made up soft annealed copper material. This cable is highly flexible which makes its installation easy and cost effective. The cable is designed for applications and systems which demand 600 volts. The cable is made with excelling design and a lot of precautions are taken during the production. It is free from halogen agents which makes it very good healthwise. For chances that a flame catches your system, the Type DT will not propagate the fire since they are flame retardant. The flame retarndance of our cable meets IEEE 1202 and complies even acoording to the UL 1685 flame test.

The insulation system of this cable is what guarantees its safety during installation and at usage. A well designed insulation is good especially for copper conductors which can easily get corroded. Type DT cable is insulated using the thermoplastic PVC. A clear nylon jacket is used as the overall covering for the conductors. The insulation is color coded in a way that fulfills the IEEE Std. 45 prescription. Whereas during design, there are some cables which need to be binded using fillers, some other types are bound using binder tapes. So the difference in the binding type should not cause any worry, all the products are sound. Braided metal armor is used in some other designs of this cable, however it is not complusory for all Type DT cables to be braided with a metal armor.

Types of DT cables
There are generally two types of DT/NTA Cables we provide

1.DT/NTA with Aluminum Armor
2.DT/NTB with Bronze Armor

Applications of the Type DT Cable
is one of the various sea cost cables we sell. This flexible soft and armored cable streamlines installation and maintenance, which really saves more time and money. With its raised cost-effectiveness, the cable helps to deliver enhanced system performance by eliminating splices. This is the cable that meets what your system needs.

Technically speaking, DT cable is a prime cable solution for the strenous outdoor plants and inter-building applications. It is designed to overcome the odds with direct burial installation hence it can be used in the harsh environment. There is a type of DT which is applied in the Local Area Networks, and private networks. It is a cable that is very appropriate for you.


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