SOOW is a specific type of service cable. SOOW cable is used in various applications, from fire alarm and temperature controls, to motor leads and remote control circuits. Some other typical applications for SOOW cords include wiring for portable tools, portable appliances, equipment, small motors and associated machinery.

Here’s a breakdown of the meaning of SOOW and its associated properties. The “S” in SOOW stands for “Service” and means an SOOW cable will be 600 volts, unless the “S” is followed by a “J”. Oil resistant insulation and jacketing are determined by the “OO” in SOOW. Finally, the “W” in SOOW implies weather and water resistance. So, through the letters included in “SOOW”, it can be determined that this is a durable cord that is 600 volts with many resistances to outside forces of nature.

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