At Nassau National Cable, we offer emergency services that help our clients plan, respond and even recover in the event of a disaster. We provide emergency services to our customers and the communities we operate around during and after an emergency. Since it is difficult to predict when and how disaster will strike, you are guaranteed to be prepared to deal with it head on with the help and support of Nassau National Cable.

We have a readily available hotline number that is always open 24/7 all year long with the inclusion of extended hours when major catastrophes hit.

For emergency response and recovery please call (516) 606-6537 and someone will be at your location as soon as possible with the needed help and ready to assist you. During an emergency, at Nassau National Cable, we stay open around the clock through all kinds of disasters and we only close when the disaster has passed - if the city or state we operate in has imposed a curfew or if we have no other way of helping the community out.

We have support teams consisting of our employees who are not only knowledgeable in our products but also trained and equipped to lend a hand whenever needed. We are capable of mobilizing the necessary aid from our staff members in order to get you and your company or town up and running again.

We are also available 24/7/365 through chat or phone call and you can even email us for emergency deliveries through, or call us at (516) 606-6537, or fax us through (516) 482-6438.

We have a wide array of products in stock ready to ship to our other Nassau Cable branches across the nation, which are staffed with experienced personnel who are well trained in customer service and will help you find exactly what you need.

Our additional emergency response resources include:

FEMA -, which is an agency of the United States department of Homeland Security who are responsible for coordinating emergency response when a disaster is overwhelming to the local authorities., which is an emergency preparedness guide from the United States department of Homeland Security that is responsible for listing and explaining threats and response.

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