At Nassau National Cable, we acknowledge the important role our customers play in the growth and development of our business. We have knowledgeable staff who are skilled in their different areas of expertise and are readily available to assist you with whatever you need or any inquiries you might have. It may range from placing orders to finding out more information on our products or any other thing related to our services and products.

It is part of our itinerary to monitor and review our customer support mechanisms, techniques, and processes including our employees to ensure that we continue making adjustments and improvements on our customer care services. This enables us to always provide you with the right information you need. We have different types of customer support systems and they are as follows;

Personal Support
This is the most important part of customer support since it deals with what the client needs. Our personal customer support entails a person on the other end of the line who is empathetic to your queries and can easily help you through any issue you might have.

Product Specific Support
Our staff members are not only experts in what they do but also they help buy, ship and store Nassau National Cable products and are vastly knowledgeable on each and every product. In the event that you have questions about a certain product be assured that we will give you the information you need.

In-House Tracking
When you make an order to purchase any of Nassau National Cable products, the very same people who will pick up your call and respond to your emails or faxes are the very same people who are involved in shipping your product.

We are very prompt in responding be it on phone or through email; all you have to do is try to put into consideration that you are in good and able hands.

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