At Nassau National Cable we uphold the belief that as a corporate company, we must acknowledge a certain level of social responsibility. We pride ourselves in not only ensuring that our people are comfortable at their working stations but we also adhere to the Global Environmental, Health and Safety Policy not only for the sake our workforce but for the constituents around the area of our operation.

Over the recent years, climate change has become a recurrent issue of significance, which we take into high consideration. We have established a number of ways to manage the company's energy source effectively, keeping in mind the adverse effects industries continue to have on the ozone layer. Therefore, our company strives to adhere to all the environmental rules and regulations put into place by the government in regards to protecting and conserving the environment to ensure a better tomorrow for the upcoming generations.

Over time, Nassau National Cable has been able to form partnerships with other organizations and people for the sake of taking up some social responsibilities. In conjunction with these partners, we have been able to place the company at the forefront of providing vital resources that enable us to be ready and prepared to respond in the event of disasters or calamities. One of our partners include the American Red Cross to whom we not only donate cash but also disaster management products and materials. This comes in handy, especially when disasters strike because the Red Cross can immediately take their place and respond promptly to those in need.

In addition, some of our members have been trained by our partners and work as volunteers so that in the end, we also give back to the community directly and also increase the helping hand needed especially in times of floods, fires, storms and other disasters.

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