Most of our commercial and residential buildings are non- plenum spaces. So in that regard which then are the most suitable communication and data cables for such environments? This is where Riser Cables come in handy. Riser cables are used from room to room for networking purposes as long as they are running around along tops of walls, along bottoms of walls and around baseboards. Among the most commonly used riser cables is the category 5, otherwise known as CAT 5 cable. This is a twisted pair cable used for computer networks.

You can be certain that you will get spoilt for choice when shopping for a category 5 riser cable as the market is loaded with all manner of them. In such scenario you are likely to make purchase decision which you might realize later was not what you wanted. Save yourself the drama and go for the cat 5 riser cable from Nassau Electrical Supply. Nobody understands cable like we do. It offers performance of up to 100MHz and is ideal for a good number of Ethernet over twisted pair. Normally connection of the cable is done by use of modular connectors and punch down blocks.

What are the Conductors Made Of?
The cable contains 4 pairs of solid conductor and is no thicker than 22 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and no shorter than 24 AWG as stipulated by the ANSI TIA/ EIA 568 (2009) standard. The conductors are made copper which provide excellent connectivity of signals and transmission.  The copper comes in handy in terms of flexibility as it is highly flexible and bends and terminates easily with regards to the needs of the user. The cable is available in stranded conductor and solid conductor forms. The stranded conductor is more flexible and can stand more bending without breaking easily.

Cat5 Riser Cable Insulation
The insulating jacket is made of Poly vinyl chloride (PVC). The jacketing material is fire resistant and thus making it ideal for even in plenum spaces. In the event it burns, it emits slightly poisonous gases which when inhaled may not cause significant harm to those that might have breathed in the gases.

The riser cable has within it a crossover cable. This is a segment of the Cat 5 cable which crosses over pins 1 and 2 and pins 3 and 6. The work of this cable is to connect two PCs without the use of a router or a hub. With the help of a standard 10/100 BASE- T Ethernet Network Interface card with RJ- 45 ports, one cable is directly connected to the back of both computers.

Why should you consider the CAT 5 Riser Cable?

1.The utilization of balanced lines greatly helps in maintaining a high signal to noise ratio despite interference from external
   sources as well as cross talk from other pairs.

2.With this cable you can be sure to save labor costs as setting up is not just simple but fast and can save up to 50% labor
   costs used during installation.

3.You can as well easily carry it around. It can be paid out by walking the cable.

4.It is a tangle free and twisted payout.

5.You can easily pull it out and thus has very low tension.

6.No extra equipment such as payoffstand, accumulators or tension devices is needed.

7.The cable is environment friendly as the tubes are 100% recyclable.

As was earlier mentioned, the fire resistant jacketing makes this cable ideal even in plenum spaces. The Cat 5 riser cable from Nassau is used in structured cabling for computer networks for instance in Ethernet over twisted pair. Because the cable has performance standards going up to 100 MHz, it is ideal for 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE- TX and 1000 BASE- TX. Power can be carried over the riser cable in addition to Ethernet data and all this is made possible thanks
to the use of the power over Ethernet (PoE).

Category 5 riser cable can as well be used to transfer or carry other signals which may include telephony and video. In other instances,several signalscan be carried in one cable. The Category 5 riser cable has the ability to carry 2 conventional telephone lines and 100BASE- TX (fast Ethernet) in one cable. 

Get the right products from the right people and have your work made easy. Nassau Electrical employs the latest technologies in the manufacture and production of our cables and wires. With the help of experts who have years of experience, you can be sure to have safe products. Chat live with us and we’ll be happy to help you know more about this product and more. 

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