Are you looking for a cable that will literally handle all your electrical needs? Are you out for a cable that will perform power distribution as well as branch circuit wiring where a cable with superior flame retardance is needed? Well, Nassau Electrical Supply is here to answer to your call. We have XHHW-2/EnviroPlus Zero Halogen Limited Smoke Jacket 600 Volt Copper Cable which can be used in either wet or dry surroundings with temperature ratings not exceeding 900 C where limited smoke conductors are needed. During installation of XHHW- 2 cable, there is no need for pulling lubricant. 

The cross-linked polyethylene (XHHW-2) has a voltage rating of 600 volts can be used with anesthetizing surroundings per article 517.160 of the NEC and can also be used for limited leakage circuits that need a di-electric constant of 3.5 or less such as that of the hospital grade.  The zero-lead cable is a single copper conductor, stranded and insulated with moisture and heat resistant jacket. The maximum permissible temperature of this cable at short cut circuit is 2500 C.

 ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC-70
Nassau complies with the ICEA standards to ensure the requirements of the UL 1072, a safety standard for medium voltage power cables. The ICEA S-95-658/NEMA WC-70 standard is applied for constructions and materials that have 2000 V or less thermoplastic or thermoset insulated cables. This cable complies with this standard because it transmits and distributes electrical power for ordinary conditions during indoors, outdoors, aerial or underground installations.

Federal Spec. A-A – 59544
The zero halogen limited smoke jacket cable complies with the A-A – 59544 standard. This is a commercial item description (CID) which covers all the general requirements electrical wires and cables. Electrical wires and cables that are covered by the commercial item description (CID) are generally for the purposes of commercial and industrial use.

Halogenated Flame- Retardants
Wire and cable compounds with halogen have ingredients that are used to better the flame retardant properties too polymeric materials. The benefits that come with using halogenated flame retardants are that they are less costly and are very effective in cutting down the flammability of products. They also do not negatively affect the processing properties of polymers.

As earlier mentioned, this is a zero halogen and limited smoke cable. Limited smoke simply means the amount of smoke that is emitted by a compound when burnt where as zero halogen means the amount of halogens utilized to make up the entire compound. If you check in the market you will realize that some products are low-smoke but not zero halogen or zero halogen but not low smoke. However, each feature has its own benefits and having both features in one product is a huge plus to you as the consumer.

Testing of XHHW-2 Copper Cable
Before purchasing your cable it is important that you familiarize yourself with the applicable tests to ascertain the cable meets your expectations. The tests are in four categories;

1.Smoke measurement
2.Electrical performance
3.Halogen content measurement
4.Flame propagation

The XHHW-2 is sunlight resistant and is RoHS compliant. We at Nassau Electrical Supply a wide range of LSZH industrial, commercial and residential products among them include the XHHW- 2 Zero Halogen Limited Smoke Jacket 600 Volts copper cable. Our products just don’t exceed the vital performance properties needed in the current commercial, residential and industrial markets, but they also ensure to do it in a package that is pocket friendly as compared to other similar cables in the market. Nassau Electrical will be glad to hear from you regarding how this information has been of help to you. Talk to us today. 

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