XHHW-2 aluminum wire electrical conductor is a compacted aluminum 8000 series of alloys, coated with the cross linked polyethylene insulator. This cable is designed, developed and manufactured to transmit electric currents from one point to the other without any difficulty regardless of the environmental conditions, which it is exposed to during the power installation process. XHHW aluminum cable is resistant to strong and harmful sunlight rays, moisture and high temperatures. It is designed to have a carrying capacity of up to six hundred volts. It is always channeled in the conduit system.

Construction and Features of XHHW Cable 
This cable is made of the Alumaflex aluminum alloyed electrodes, which offer the resistivity to corrosion and the conductivity which are found in aluminum wire alongside, the additional strength of the mixed alloyed metals. The electrical conductor cable is drawn into a compacted strand of wire. The compacted stranding helps in reducing the diameter of the conductor, thus making this cable more maneuverable. XHHW aluminum conductor is insulate with a color black Cross Linked polyethylene insulator jacket. This insulation is responsible for protection of the aluminum conductor against the excessive heat alongside the moisture, harmful sunlight rays, corrosion and abrasion. The insulating jacket is of a low friction material thus eliminating the need of grease for lubrication during the pulling and wounding of this cable into drums for shipment.

XHHW-2 Aluminum Conductor is made with materials that meet the specifications in accordance to the following standards:
II) Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards; theproduct meets the UL standard 44 which is required for thermoset insulated electrodes. The insulation used in the coating of this XHHW cabling product is a prepolymer, plastic or the rubber-like insulation that protect the electrodes of this cable from heat, excessive moisture and also prevent it from drying up.

II) In agreement with the standards laid down by the American Society intended for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and this electrical cable conductor abides by ASTM B 800. This Specification majorly checks on the legibility of the components of the alloys used in the manufacturing of the electrical conductor, which comprises of the aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, silicone, magnesium, and the boron.

This electrode also meets the standards of NEC Article 310.13, the requirements of NEMA WC70/ICEA S-95-658, flame test ARRA 2009 Section 1605.

Applications of XHHW aluminum cable
It is primarily used as an electric current distributing cable. XHHW aluminum conductor is commonly preferred for use in the electrical raceways such as the conduit piping systems. A conduit simply refers to a trough or tubing that channels the electrical wiring system, providing the protection from disturbances that may arise as a result of weather or any obstacles in the environment in which it is laid. Based on the NEC specifications of section 517.160, the XHHW conductor is worthy to be used in the isolated power systems such as the ones in the health care facilities. This cable can also work in an extensive range of climatic conditions, as the cross linked polyethylene insulation jacket permit its operation in hot and wet climate regions and in the presence of high heat ratings of up to ninety degrees.

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