With the construction industry in the U.S booming, there’s a consistent need for wires and cables to ensure fast and safe transmission of data and power in the newly constructed commercial and residential building. Old buildings are also upgrading their power and data systems to more modern facilities which calls for laying out new resources. With that in mind, the need for a reliable cable supplier is inevitable. It is therefore important for constructors to carry out an in-depth research on every viable supplier to ensure that the partner of choice will not let them down. In this blog post, I share with you some vital information about the top manufacturers or suppliers in the United States.

Amercable is a cable manufactures which designs, develops and supplies reliable cables and wires to customers from all over the globe. Their wires and cables are specially made to withstand harsh constructions environments to ensure long service life regardless of the environment. Besides manufacturing, they also offer technical support as well as trainings on installations. Their cables are highly flexible and affordable specially tailored for the following fields:

1.Production of oil and gas
2.Renewable energy
3.Mineral excavation
4.General Industrial Applications

Belden Wire and Cables
Belden wire is a leading manufacturer in Missouri. The company was founded back in 1988 has consistently grown over the years delivering high quality products locally and internationally. It’s based in St. Louis but has a number of outlets all over the state. The company can be easily contracted through their customer care service both online and at their premises. Belden Wire and Cable designs, manufactures and supplies high quality signal lines for which they are best known. Besides the signal cables, they also make high and low voltage power cables for a wide range of applications.

Colonial Wire
Colonial wire is another impressive wire and cable manufacturer which serves New York and the world at large. The Hauppauge-based manufacturer was founded in 1994 so it has been in service for almost a century garnering years’ experience in developing high quality products and great service to short and long-term customers. Colonial Wire has two main outlets which supply two different products. The Long Island-based outlet supplies residential building cables while the Edison branch focuses on cables meant for commercial construction works. 

Okanite Cable
Okanite Cable is one of the pioneering manufactures of wires and cables in the U.S. The company opened its doors back in 1876. However, along the way, the company changed hands a number of times and in the process changed its name on some occasions. Today, it’s owned by its employees after an agreement with the previous owners that the employees have shares in the company through the Employees’ Stock Ownership Trust. This is one of the largest companies owned by employees in the U.S and if employees can identify with the company, you can be sure that they give the products their best touch. Okanite Cable has its headquarters in Ramsey, a town just thirty miles from the New York City. It makes wires and cables ranging from 300 Voltage to 345 kilo Volts insulated products which includes the instrumentation, medium voltage, power and control, and the high voltage cables.

Southwire Company, LLC is arguably North America’s top manufacturer of wire and cables. Over the years it’s been in service, Southwire has provided customers from across the globe with reliable products and in the process made a big name for itself in the field of cables and wires. Their investment in the search engines has made a tope search results for a wide range of search queries converting millions of browsers into customers.  Throughout its history, our company has sought to help provide power through our products, our service and by helping empower our customers, employees and communities. At least one in every three homes built in the U.S has Southwire cables in its power supply system.

Nassau Electricals
Unlike other suppliers listed in this post, Nassau Electricals is not a manufacturer. All it does is brand the cables and avail them to the customers. Nassau has a very wide variety of cables for residential and commercial use. If you need help with choosing a cable or advice on different brands, the best supplier to contract would be Nassau Electricals. Besides, they have a very friendly 24/7 live chat on their website to help you out any time of the day. Focusing on supplies alone give Nassau an upper hand in customer relations. If you give then a try you’ll definite not think about getting your suppliers from other company for any reason. Get in touch with them today.

General Cable
As the name suggests this company has it all. It makes almost every cable needed for any installation or transmission works, custom or general. GC is the third largest wire and cable producer in the world and has its headquarters in Highland Heights, Kentucky. The company has many departments which are highly specialized at producing and supplying the cables to customers from all walks of life. General Cable is best known for high quality communication cables, specifically its strong fiber optics, which is widely used in voice, data and the video applications. Energy cables manufactured by General Cable help in power distribution by either overhead or underground transmission.

I hope you found this post informative. Please feel free to share with us your experience with different suppliers or get in touch with us for more information and we will consider in when we update this post. 

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