Product’s acronym name XHHW stands for Cross-linked insulated, High Heat resistant and Water resistant. This Copper Wire is made up of one conductor which is annealed and protected with a jacket made form cross-linked polyethylene material. This insulation system serves as a protection for the cable against any mechanical damage caused by abrasion. It also offers protection against corrosion which may be caused by heat, chemicals or moisture. The Tinned XHHW Copper cable is single tinned, stranded and has a good insulation against moisture, chemicals, heat or any flame.

The cross-linked polyethylene material guarantees the cable sure protection against effects from the environment. This insulation has a smooth texture in the inner alignment so that less friction is created during installation. Friction is hindrance to work and may lead to sparks of fire in some instances, therefore the cable reduces the cases of fire and also eases the installation activities. With a smooth surface, pulling of the conductors is made easier.

Copper is prone to corrosion but tin is very strong and ductile therefore copper tin alloys are resistance to corrosion and resilient to abrasion. Tin is a strengthening solution for copper. Tinned XHHW copper wire is therefore made fit for various applications. It works in very high temperatures both in dry and wet areas, due to its high heat and moisture resistance.This alloyed conductor has a stellar electric conductivity. The cable can be used in transmission and distribution of low and medium voltage of 600 volts.

This cable has annealed copper conductors which make it easier for its installation. It is available in various sizes ranging from 14, 12 and even size 10 AWG, with various colors, some cables are white, black, yellow, orange and et cetera. The conductor with sizes 2 AWG plus other larger listed sizes are always marked for sunlight resistant, they are in black only.

The cable is very suitable for general applications like domestic and industrial wiring, rural power distribution and circuit wiring. It is also appropriate for applications where wiring needs a conductor which can rebuff flame and fire instances. XHHW copper wire can service systems in a maximum of about 90 degree Celsius temperature. Besides, it is applicable for low leakage circuits system which require dielectrics.

Primarily, the cable is used for conduit installation or in any other raceways which are approved for services. It is also used for circuit branch wiring and in the feeders in tandem with the specifications of NEC

This product is tested and proved to meet the international codes and standards. It is in harmony with UL standard 44 provisions, the Federal codes AA-59544 and also observes the requirements of NEC. The construction requirements of ICEA are observed in the making of the conductor where several tests are done.

Tinned XHHW copper cable has all it needs for your electric system. I invite you to shop for this cable and ensure you get the foretaste of a real brand. The insulation system is determined and proficient, the conductivity is fast and convenient.

I hope you got some important knowledge from this article Tinned XHHW Copper Service Wire Cable, for more, keep checking in to this website. For more information on this and other wires, please visit Nassau Electricals and get in touch with us via the live chat button available on the bottom right hand side of our website. 

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