TE Connectivity limited company was initially known as Tyco Electronics until 2011, March when the name was changed. In 1999 Tyco acquired the American electronics manufacturer, AMP and incorporated with it. The Tyco Company later divided into three public independent companies namely: Tyco International, Tyco Electronics and Covidien Limited Company in July 2007. TE Connectivity limited company is centered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and it refers to a technological firm which design and manufactures the connectivity and sensor solutions. It operates in three main segments namel y: Communications Solutions, Industrial Solutions and the Transportation Solutions.

1.Transportation Solutions -This segment is known to primarily offer terminals alongside the connector systems and sensors, components and the relays as well as the application in tooling and wires. It is also involved in the manufacture of the heat shrink tubing, which is used in the commercial transportation, automotive sector and in the sensor markets.

2.Industrial Solutions -Provides the terminals alongside the connector systems and components. It also engages in the heat shrink tubing relays, wires and cables used in the industrial equipment, defense, oil and gas, aerospace and in the energy markets.

3.Communication Solutions -It supplies the electronic components such as the connector systems alongside the terminals and components, under the sea telecommunication system, relays, antennas as well as the heat shrink tube for data and subsea communications, devices and in the appliances markets.

What They Connect
The Products of the TE Connectivity manufacturing company plays a major role in this increasingly connected modern world. They can sense and also connect data, signals or the electric power and transmit them through and round an object. The Company permit power and data delivery efficiently allowing technology to react to the environment around it accurately, regardless of the challenges. It also expands on the possibility and promises of internet technologies advancing in connectivity systems, gadgets and services to the customers.

It targets the subsea communication networks, smarter electrical appliances and buildings, the electric cars in fitting tracker systems, antennas, sensors and other products which help in developing technology in the future.

Where we connect
Their products are manufactured to operate in the toughest and extreme environmental conditions which may be created by man and nature. Its superior products can withstand and perform in severe conditions from the factories working at full time to the breaking pressure in the deep sea. The corrosive resistant and rugged-all metal bodies are made of high quality materials of thermoplastic shells chosen for their ability to endure years of exposure to drastic environmental conditions. Products such as metal connectors are made in a way that they can withstand the hard impacts of force and shock, this helps especially in the transportation sector in which it enhances the operation of vehicles in rough roads. While the thermoplastic connectors are flame retardant and have high resistivity to corrosive chemicals.

How They Connect
Customers usually demands for collaboration and problem solving services from companies, which the TE Connectivity is entitled to deliver to its customers. TE engages customers in its stages from the initial designing of the product to the manufacturing stage and up to the hands on customer for support and time delivery. This company has global facilities which help in maintaining good relations between them and their customers.

TE products are offered to approximately 150 countries across the globe primarily through direct selling from the manufacturers along with the third party distribution in the market. This company is dedicated to serve its customers with utmost faith and you are invited today to start partnering with the TE Connectivity for top quality, reliable and durable products.

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