Sealing is the processes that ensures the conduction channel is watertight. There are cables which have an excellent seal thus making them appropriate for installation in areas which are prone to flooding. This SuperSeal cable has a self-repairing mechanism which tends to prevent occurrence of other mechanical failures in the conduction system.
Structure assembly of the SuperSeal Self-Repairing low voltage cable comprises of multiple assemblies of cables. The cable can have either one, two even three conductors according to which phase is to be installed. There is always a neutral strand which is twisted together with the phase conductors to make a tight assembly.

The cable is made from various classes of conductors. Class B which is a compressed concentric strand from aluminum alloy 1350, solid aluminum alloy and copper which is softly annealed according to ASTM applications are some of the conductors used in the manufacture of the cable. The stranded conductors are super sealed to block water using a filling compound.

The SuperSeal cable has a shield made from a semiconductor. Theextruded thermosetting shield is freely stripped from the conductor so that the strip is used in bonding it to the insulation.

Since the cable requires a filling material for seals during installation and use, the insulation system is also made with uniqueness to protect the conductors from mechanical damage and corrosion. It is very easy for corrosion to take place on cables which are installed in flood prone locations. The superseal cable uses an insulation made from natural dielectric Tree Retardant XPLE composite. The insulation system exhibits a fine balance for mechanical and electrical properties. It also assures proper resistance to treeing.

Phase Insulation is achieved by use of a composite which has a three layer structure. The inner layer is made of low density polyethylene, there is the channels of self-healing which is encapsulated and based on EPDM. The outer layer is made from a polyethylene material which is black in color and has high density.

The neutral insulation is a bit unique since it has extrusive yellow stripes on the surface so as to avoid confusing during installation which may lead to a fatal short circuiting.

The SuperSeal cable marking is achieved through sequential footage method of marking. This is done on one phase, the surface is then printed with white ink to denote various phases.

This cable is formulated and designed to provide a suitable balance in flexibility and achieve appropriate mechanical toughness. It has a patented technology for self-healing which helps to repair its damages and reduce chances for advanced damages on the cable.

The cable can be used in the aerial, underground, direct buried and in conduit methods of installation. It is meant for secondary utility and can work well in both wet and dry areas.

The Superseal Self-Repairing Low Voltage cable is one of the excellent products of technology. It has been tested, proved and used in various applications where it has not portrayed any weaknesses. I call on you to test this cable for yourself.

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