There are many electrical wire and cable manufacturing firms all over the world in the market today, trying to outdo each other in the market by providing unique products and services to the public. Some of the firms have built good names for themselves because they were the first firms to start offering these electrical wire and cabling products and have never disappointed over the years, while some manufacturing firms are known because of their high quality products even though the firms have not been in the market as long.

There are also manufacturing companies with a negative publicity because they provide a rather low quality of products, and customers warn each other against using their products for what they are. It is therefore advisable to partner with the right cable company to avoid inconveniences that may arise due to low quality performing products.

Essex Cable Company is well known for offering quality products and auxiliary services to its customers around the globe. There’s a good chance that where you live and work there’s a good deal of either direct or indirect users of the Essex manufactured products. This is simply because the company’s wires and cables are used in almost every country on earth. Electricity has become part and parcel of life in this modern world, and life without electricity is today almost unimaginable because power runsour homes, workplaces, lifesaving machines in the hospitals, ATMs and so much more. Every gadget, equipment and automobile is electronic and wiring is done within them to make power flow. With this chain of wirings, you are in one way or another enjoying the use of the Essex products directly or indirectly, so long as you operate these gadgets.

Essex Wire Company was founded in 1930. Their head-quarter is in Atlanta, United States. Sixty nine years after its establishment, Essex merged with the Superior Cable in 1999, to form the Superior Essex Wire Corporation in Fort Wayne. This company is one of the biggest wire and cabling manufacture in the world, which concentrates in the magnet wire build-up and distribution. In the electrical power generating plants turbines are used most of which are made of cables wounded to provide magnetism, which is used in the generation of electric currents. Essex plays a vital role in the field of electrical power generation and transmission.

Products of Essex
The products of Essex are manufactured for different applications. The magnetic wire products from this company are intended for use in industries like the automotive, energy systems as well as in the commercial & residential places. The products come to us in various types of electromagnetic devices such as; generators, solenoids, control devices, motors and transformers. They are made of enameled copper or aluminum with an operating range of temperatures of up to between 105 degrees to 240 degrees, in AWG and metric sizes.The Simcoe facility of this groupcontinuouslydelivers Transposed Cable (CTC), which reduces the winding time with numerous builds and good winding.

It’s always a good idea to know your supplier or the manufacturers of your wires and cables before you commit to them. There are many other companies out there that would offer your equally good cables and wires. To read more about other companies, please read through the Nassau Cables blog.


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