Sumcab Special Cables as the name suggests isa special group known for producing special cable. The company was founded in 1998 as a small firm but has grown drastically and now has about 135 workers with a total turnover of about 40 million Pounds. It is motivated to give its best while its mission is to form a global bench match for top quality cables, very reliable and timely delivery of services and flexibility to serve various markets.

Innovation and provision of new a standard solutions to the market while incorporating the technological advancements for better cables is the vision for Sumcab. They have a dedicated team, which works with passion, commitment, transparency and respect. These together creates an enabling environment for innovation and high quality production.

The company is a global designer, producer and supplier of the world's special high quality cables ever known. Their offer of solutions address a wide range of market needs from both locally and internationally. They have a technical team with well spelled out procedures to guide a client from the prototype stage of a project to the actualization phase. The products from Sumcab group can serve various markets, where the key ones are: Green Energy, Industrial Automation, Traffic and Industrial firms.

Its products have an extensively wider aspects of solutions to offer. They produce the low voltage and medium power cable, besides that they also produce cables for control applications and instrumentation. The telecommunication cables, high temperature tolerant cables, bus cables and even the ones manufactured according to customers’ requests are all produced from the cable line. These wide range of products puts the company at an exception point in the market chart.

Sumcab Market
This company produces four lines of products to meet its four main market categories.

1.Industrial Plant : The company does a special range of cables for onshore and offshore industrial plants so that it meets the market demands. These cables are made with high competence. Various tests carried out against the products have accredited them a stamp of approval. The production process is per the international codes which approves these products as solution customized. There is high need for mechanically resilient cables which can minimize electrical hazards, cables which protect signals from interferences from the environment agents. The Sumcab cable is the solution.

2.Industrial Automation : Automation is a very sensitive part of technological development, because a lot of systems are getting automated. The company has a division which specifically deals with robotics. The division is committed to giving clients integral solutions to all the robotic applications, which results into a longer life span for the cables used to supply energy to the tools installed in the robotic industry.

3.Traffic : The airport cables, marine and rolling stock cables are some of the very best that leave the company's factory to meet the traffic market. The cables especially the power supply cables, those used for control and instrumentation, the mobile services cables have good safety against fire. They are halogen free and reduces smoke emission. The rolling cables are also specialized to meet regulations and improve safety for railways.

4.Green Energy : Green energy is also known as renewable energy. The company provides a wide range of cables which are specialized for green energy market. The cables are flexible, easy to install and ensures the supply of green energy is reliable and free from pollution. Where wind mills are used, their cables are very flexible and resistant to the UV rays effect. They are also resistant to chemical effects which may damage the cables.

Sumcab solutions are highly regarded because they provide a great variety of top quality cables. All their products, ranging from data transmission, low voltage to medium cables are standardized.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, this is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. It has helped improve the quality of wires in the U.S and the world at large by providing high quality cabling solutions.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Sumcab is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers. 

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