When we talk about special purpose cables, we are basically talking about the cables which have distinctive design structure and meant to perform some specific task in a specific condition. The makeup structure for the cables and the orientation of the functionality is what brings the term ‘special’. There are various special cables used in various industries. For example the National Wire and Cable Corporation is known for its manufacture of specialized cable for seismic geo phone. This type is specialized for use in seismic wave test and detection systems. There are special purpose cables like ultrasonic cables for ultrasonic applications, microphone or audio cables and cables for transducer applications. At Nassau electrical, we sell a wide variety of special purpose cables which specifically meant for seacoast environment applications. These cables are manufactured from very competent industries across the globe such as Americable, Southwire and General electrical.

Types of Special Purpose Cables
The shopping shelves at Nassau are full of a wide range of cables. The special purpose cables that we have are majorly the seacoast type.

Seacoast Type LS2CS Pairs cable : The construction of this cable is composed of tinned coated copper conductor. It has a cross-linked polyethylene insulation system. The insulation is sturdy to provide efficient protection against corrosion, abrasion, flame, sunlight effects amidst other mechanical nicks that could affect the conductors. The conductors are twisted to form a pair then the pairs are cabled. The mylar binder is used to provide a shield for the conductors and binder tape helps to bind two copper conductors together. The jacket for Seacoast Type LS2CS cable is made from cross-linked polyolefin jacket. It is appropriate for applications which use 300 volts. We provide different Awg sizes of these cables to ensure we meet and cater for all our clients’ interests.

Seacoast Type LSDPS 2 Thru 7 : This is a special purpose cable which is designed and constructed using stranded nickel-coated copper conductor. The privy reason for nickel coating is to improve the quality of the conduction. It also enhances the cable robustness and resistance to corrosion. In HF applications, wires that are nickel plated assist in reducing the frequency loss. Its extruded silicone rubber insulation helps in providing proficient protection to the cable against mechanicals nicks and chemical corrosive agents. It also has a glass braid. Seacoast Type LSDPS2 conductors are cabled using fillers, silicone based compounds and a binder tape used to tape them together. At Nassau electrical we provide our customers with various sizes of the same product, with different diameters and different cable designation.

Seacoast Type LSMS : It is composed of stranded tin-coated copper conductors. Since is considered a little weak and prone to corrosion, tinning the conductor makes it improve in quality. Remember at the seacoast, there is a lot of humidity in the air. The humid air tends to be saline which is a good agent for corrosion. Tinning copper makes it less susceptible to corrosion. Its ethylene propylene rubber or cross-linked polyethylene insulation system provides a suffice protections against environmental ills and mechanical nicks. LSMS cable conductors are bound using a binder then shielded using braided tin-coated copper shield. Cross-linked polyolefin jacket gives the overall protection to the cables.

There are many more of the hybrids of these cables that we provide to our customers. When you visit our website, you will hold a glance at more versatile and high quality cables.

Nickel plated copper wires have been majorly applied in the High Frequency applications and other applications where there is a high demand for chemical and thermal resistance like in the sea coast. The electric motor industries also use these special cables which are made from nickel plated copper.

High temperature instruments are some of the devices where the special cables are used. Besides, special purpose cable have also found use in the medical field where they are used to deliver ultrason ic signals form the machine to the patient and back. It is necessary to say that special cables are stealing shows in the technological regime since various specialties employ them.

It is my sincere appeal to our esteemed customers to step forth and use these special purpose cables we provide which are good for marine applications. You don’t have to be hesitant or feel unease to try these products out. The standardization bodies have marked our products with a symbol of approval so you are guaranteed a fulfilling service. Visit Nassau electrical and enjoy the top notch market taste of products. We never disappoint.

It is my hope that you found the article helpful and you are now planning to visit us. Keep checking for more resourceful articles. In case you have queries, we will be glad if you join our live chat where we shall respond to you appropriately.

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