Located in North America, Southwire is a wires and cables company that has been in business of supplying power not just to Americans but to the entire world. Be it for residential, industrial, utility application or commercial purposes, we strive to meet your utility cable and building wire needs. You will be glad to know that actually one in every three homes in the United States of America has wires and cables coming from Southwire. 

Innovative products
The need for cables and wires continues to be on the increase with new innovations from various sectors coming about. That is why we at Southwire also continue to come up with products that are innovative to meet the demands in the market. This in turn has proven to simplify the process of installation and save the time and money of our clients. Because clients are always different, their needs are also unique. For such like scenarios, we come up with custom made designs for solutions we may not have and bring them to order. You will certainly never go wrong with Southwire regardless of your needs and wants. Our products comprise of industrial power cables, communication cables, specialty products and building and utility cables.

History is indeed a witness that Southwire has been and continues to be the leader in the delivery of rods, cables and wires for the purposes of electricity transmission as well as distribution. We lead in all matters electricity and others follow. We have continued to make significant strides in terms of technology that has been embraced by the wire and cable industry world over.

Humble beginnings
Southwire has been through all imaginable challenges to be where it stands today. A graduate from Georgia Institute of Science and Technology, Mr. Roy Richards started his own firm in 1937 named Roy Richards Construction Company. Six months down the line, he was awarded by the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) a contract worth $118,000 to put up poles as well as string wires for 108 miles for power lines within Georgia.

Despite his tender age then, 25 years, and lack of experience Richard was able to place a splendid piece of work that saw him earn more and more contracts from REA. He travelled to such places as Italy all in a bid to advance the quality of his products. This saw an increase in sales of his products as customers loved what he offered. However, Southwire suffered the effects of the Second World War as well as recessions. All through it has continued to stand strong and make a great come back into the industry.

It has three main subsidiaries; Southwire Cyber Technologies Inc, Forte Power Systems Inc and Integral Corporation.

Southwire’s four divisions
Southwire’s corporate structure is centered on four unique manufacturing sections. These include Energy, Electri cal, Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Southwire Continuous Rod (SCR). Each of the segments concentrates on a particular group of clients and group of products.

The energy section is involved in the sale of high, medium and low voltage cable products which transmit power from the point of generation to commercial and residential buildings. Clients may include rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, utility distributors and investor owned utilities.

The electrical division transmits power to homes as well as buildings. The OEM division is involved in the sale of wire and rod to clients involved in the manufacture of products that may include HVAC equipment, industrial equipments, electric motors, and transformers. The SCR team has been and continues to be the world’s leading manufacturer of copper and aluminum rod world over. This is simply to say that a good number of the world’s copper and aluminum wire has gone through technology offered by Southwire.

Choose to go with Southwire in all your wire and cable needs and you will be glad for the choice made. 

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