These letters SOOW which are apparently the name for this cable, stand for special cable properties. The initial S stand for Service. The OO in SOOW means that the cable has a sturdy oil resistance insulation and jacketing. The portable cords that begin with an S have a voltage rating of 600 volts. The last letter W simply implies that this cable has an absolute weather and water resistance as prescribed by CSA. Type SOOW portable cable is one of the most popular cables used for domestic and industrial applications. The principle reason as to why many people prefer it to its substitutes is because it has unrivaled flexibility and high durability. Generally the SOOW has been rated among the best due to its resistance to oil, solvents, ozone, water, tearing and abrasion. Besides, the product is flame retardant and has protective features which keeps the underlying conductor save from deteriorative factors like abrasion and corrosion to ensure quality service for many years.

One place you can be sure to find this cable is at Nassau electrical  never takes changes with the products it supplies, the company supplies high quality cables and wires market and for that you can always be confident about their supplies. They have a very friendly customer care service which is good for building long-term partnerships. In this article, now that you have an idea of what the SOOW Cable is, I’ll share with you on what the SOOW Cable is made of, its application and some more of its interesting features which blow your mind away.

How Does the Cable Work?
The SOOW is a portable cable which is constructed with extra conductor strands. Well, there is a lot of benefits of a cable which is constructed with more cable strands. These strands generally tend to make a cable flexible that is to say the more the strands in a cable the more flexible it is. Cables with just one solid conductor is likely rigid and unease to bend. Secondly, stranding conductors help to reduce resistance of a cable thus improving the conductivity.

More interestingly, the conductors used are bare annealed copper conductors. The design and construction of SOOW Cable fully complies with UL 62 Applications. Remember, copper is undoubtedly one of the best electrical conductors, that definitely helps you to know why this cable ranks high and is highly used. Besides, copper is soft thus the flexibility feature of the cable. But why is the copper bare? You should know that copper like many other metals is susceptible to corrosive elements therefore to give the conductor a good fit, tin plating technique is employed. It is this tinning which qualifies a bare copper conductor to work without succumbing to corrosion.

Its insulation is so superb, has oil resistant rubber jacket and provided by premium grad EPDM. Temperature rating for the cord is set between -40 to 90 degree Celsius. Its resistance towards acids, tears, extreme temperatures, abrasions and cuts is incredible. The insulation system is flame retardant and withstands sunlight effects when it is exposed. This conductor is relatively easier to install due to its flexibility. National Electrical Coded permits the manufacture and use of Type SOOW flexible cords as stipulated under Article 400 and other related articles.

Reliable Insulation and Jacketing
SOOW is incredibly durable, why? The cable has a thermoset rubber jackets that rebuffs any extreme weather effect on the cord. Where there is direct application of heat on the jacket, it hardens. This impregnable jacket allows the conductors to enjoy security without suffering the effects of aging, sunlight, abrasion, water, other solvents and ozone. This oil resistant jacket lends the cable unspeakable durability.

Due to the sturdy jacket, the wire can be submerge underwater without suffering from any effect. It is also safe from flames, therefore it allows the cord to be safe for both indoors and outdoors activities. This thermoset rubber never melts when it comes into contact with hot surfaces or even oils. SOOW cords have paper tape which serves to separate the conductors hence makes cable stripping easier.

Application of the SOOW cable
There are many applications of the SOOW cable. Just in case you’re wondering if it’s really the right cable for your needs, don’t worry, we put together a number of areas it’s commonly applied. We’ll also share with you why it best suits a particular application.Portable SOOW Cable 600V is primarily used in the wiring for portable appliances and equipment, for small motors and related machinery for the obvious reason that those areas often require a voltage of 600V. The 600v SOOW cable also works for medium and low voltage transmissions in homes, shops and also in small industries for generators and other portable applications whose ratings are 600 volts. Remember this cord has an elaborate insulation system which qualifies its usage on indoor systems as well as outdoor applications. Its design incorporates some extra toughness on the jacket to allow used in heavy duty marine dockside power and in the applications for mining which demand more stress rebuff.

Among many cables, SOOW cable is one popularly known and conveniently used for the day in day out applications in the domestic set up. Its use is not only limited to that but it extends to applications in the commercial set up, excavation systems and also in the underwater operations. Due to the fact that this cable is designed with resistance properties to the effects that may arise from contact with moisture, oil, solvents and other chemicals, it is therefore convenient for it to be used in refineries, chemical plants and industrial factories. With all these outstanding properties, the cords has the unquestionable capability for applications in high level and heavy duty industrial systems. It is applied therefore, in heavy duty tools, mining equipment, welding, motor lead, both heavy and light machines, applications for light entertainment equipment and marine applications.

Wiring of various power tools and control circuits can also be done using the SOOW cable. In case you have some portable and construction equipment and you are wondering whether you can use SOOW for its wiring, the answer is yes, you can. This cable is widely used, remember that. It is capable to be used in the extension cords due to its exceptional flexibility feature and its ability to withstand strenuous conditions. The SOOW portable cable is also being used in making power supply cables for mobile homes and recreational facilities, where the typical cord has many circuit conductors with a single insulated ground conductor.

Just like other portable cords, this cable can still be applied in the entertainment industry especially in the sports complexes, parks of amusements, stages with portable lighting systems, theaters, in the movie acting and for studio production works. The SOOW cord is also possible to use for wiring the push button for remote control systems, even in the alarms and many more. This is a grand cable with a plethora of benefits and that is why it finds its way in to the heart of most applications both home and industry.

Types of SOOW Cables
The SOOW has several categories as outlined below

a) SEOOW with Thermoplastic Elastomer as Jacket.  This thermoplastic material which makes its jacket softens when heated then hardens when cooled. This material is technically less durable compared to the thermoset material. However, it is more flexible and lighter. One striking difference between SEOOW and SOOW is that SEOOW cord has a relatively lower temperature compared to SOOW cord. Therefore it is safer for it to be used in extremely low temperature, as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit. SEOOW has almost all the features that SOOW has, and it meets the CSA approval for use in the outdoor- industrial activities, construction works and wiring of other electrical equipment. More importantly, one is advised not to use SEOOW cord in places where it can easily come into contact with hot surfaces as this may damage it and affect its efficiency.

b) STOOW with Thermoplastic Jacket.For STOOW cord, it has the same oil and water resistance just like the SOOW and SEOOW. That means then that you can use it also for both outdoor and indoor applications. However, this type STOOW has a thermoplastic jacket which is not very flexible and out of the three types, it will easily deform under extreme heat or pressure. This is a different case for the SEOOW and SOOW. Thus, the cable should only be used in applications and systems where there is little exposure to extreme stresses, chemicals, oils and extreme temperatures. STOOW is majorly used in the consumer applications, portable lights and for power extension


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