In electrical field, the Switchboard SIS wire is simply referred to as the SIS wire. While some electricians and users may call it UL 3173 cable. This SIS wire is simple in construction but very versatile since it is used in various applications. The cable is used in the switchboard wiring, distribution boards, wiring from panel to boards, control panels for industrial applications among many other applications using less than 600 volts.                                                              

The SIS cable constructions not very complex though it performs overwhelmingly. Its structure consists of single stranded copper conductor. This conductor is tinned and coated with cross-linked polyethylene insulation system. The insulation is to protect the conductor from moisture, heat and chemicals which are corrosive and destructive. SIS wires are available in various colors and wide variety of gauge sizes spanning from 4/0 to 18AWG.

It is however possible to find the cable with bare copper conductor rather than tinned copper in some instances but that doesn’t defy the fact that the wire is standard. It is rather necessary to consider the stranding which is needed for installation or sells. Both the coarse strand and flexible strand SIS cable are permissible for use in your applications. However the SIS coarse strand is less expensive compared to the flexible coarse stranded. It is very important to note that the flexible SIS stranded wire is widely known in the market. The technological advancements in the industries favor flexible conductors since they can be employed in various applications. The availability of the flexible type of SIS is also higher in the market than the coarse stranded type, this is another reason why the flexible switchboard cable is popular than the coarse.

There two breeds of SIS cable find numerous applications in the industry. Their versatility and enduring features qualify them for use in various electrical activities. The wires are made from copper which is almost the best in electrical conduction. It is therefore used in the control panels for huge industrial systems. The cable is also used in both domestic and industrial wiring, and in distribution boards.

The SIS copper wire is used in both dry and wet locations and can serve in dry systems with temperature of upto 105 degrees Celsius. These wires are resistant to flames since they have been approved by VW-1, flame test done on electrical cables. It is therefore necessary for the user or electrician to seek clear clarification about the flame test of SIS cable from a manufacturer before shopping so that one acquires the best quality for the project in place.

There are various colors of the cable which defines the specific need it is meant for therefore one should be careful about the color. The most common color of the cross-linked polyethylene insulation material is gray, though their other colors available. The availability of multiple color help in making clear distinction on the cable lines. There are stripped SIS cable which can be used as well in place of the colored ones. The insulation system is robust and guarantees the wires good protection against any damages. It is the insulation system for the SIS which helps it to rebuff heat effects and protect it from moisture.

SIS Switchboard copper cable is a quality product which is approved by several standardization bodies. It meets the codes enshrined in the: UL 44, Vertical flame, Federal specific and many more. It is gasoline and oil resistant and in compliant with RoHS. You should try this product and enjoy the top-notch quality.

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