Service Wire is a manufacturing company which enjoys its independence in the market. It is located in USA and has been in existence from year 1968. This company has a rare commitment in producing high quality products and delivery good services to the electrical market. They have a complete system of networked distributors who help them meet the customers’ needs however complex they may be from every location of North America and the whole world. In order to meet international standardization, the company is a full member of the NAED, an association for electrical distributors. From this platform it gets to interact with other giants in the business and share intelligence in production and distribution.

Quality Services
The grand philosophy that the company rides on is quality service, because service to them is more than a name. They ensure they meet excellence in every bit of what they do. To achieve quality in delivery they have to incur a lot of resources including time from getting of raw materials, make the materials from their factories until the product is tested and is proved in full compliance. All these are vitals aspects for excellence.

When you do your order via an inventory you can be assured of getting the right product for your use because every order has to be tested before leaving the warehouse. Certified test reports are then compiled and accompanies your product, a proof that the quality you order is met. Besides that, the delivery is facilitated with the help of experienced logistics experts. The handling of the reel is ascertained and the order reaches you when it is damage free and the arrival is on-time.

Service Wire Company is ISO certified. Its services have been assessed by ABS Quality Evaluation Inc. and was proved in full compliance with the standards according to ISO 9001:2008. This proof of quality management services was determined in the line of the following lines of products: warehousing, manufacturing, bare copper wire distribution, insulated thermo setting and thermoplastic wires, pump cables, irrigations cables, service drops, and medium voltage cables amongst many other products.

Products that are released from the business premise following an order by a client has to be taken into rigorous quality testing procedures. Based on the results from the test procedures, an elaborated report is developed which helps to fast track any mistake in production and also predict any coming problem. Proper testing and result analysis is one of the pillars upon which the success of this business is built.

Stand out features of Service Wire products
Getting your unique product line is a key facilitator in a business success of a company. The Service Wire company does the following to give it a favorable competing ground against its competitors in the market:

1.Cable management
The business capitalizes on what it calls “on demand” management of cables. This ensures that when a client needs a cable they will ensure the availability of the product for the duration when the project runs and delivers it at the installation time. They also have strategically located stock and manufacturing facilities which caters for any emergency services so that your job is kept with your work plan and under the budget.

The unforeseen circumstances can be a real hinder in business that is why the Service Wire embarks on 24-Hour emergency services, 365 days a year. However the emergency could be, when you need a wire at any time, just call them and get the service.

3.Reel return
The company carries the burdens of disposing the reels so customers can return the reels free. They must not be in good conditions to be accepted, whichever the condition, they accept the reels returned.

Service Wire Company is a competent company whose products and services are pristine and meet the standardization threshold. Service Wire has helped improve the quality of wires in the U.S and the world at large by providing high quality cabling solutions.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Service Wire Company is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers.  

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