Cables RW90 and RWU90 are high speed copper wire building products generally used for outdoor wiring applications. Therefore these cables are exposed to the atmospheric weather while others are lied in the raceways in damp and dry locations. The installation is done to meet the requirements Canadian Electrical Codes of standards. RW90 cable is appropriate for transmission and distribution of low and medium voltage of about 600 volts. RW90 is highly regarded to be good for this transmission above the ground.  RWU90 on the other side provides an efficient solution for service entrance service for underground applications.

The cable has two categories of the conductors:

1.Conductor 14AWG annealed class B. The conductor is also compressed and made up of soft plain copper.Conductor 14 AWG which goes through 10 AWG plain solid copper.

2.General construction of the cable consists of: full colored, single copper conductor which has cross-linked insulation system made from polyethylene material. This insulation gives the cable longevity on service and prevents unnecessary breakages during installation.

The cable is adapted to work well in both wet and dry locations with up to a maximum temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. It also meets the bend and colds impact tests carried on it on a low temperature up to -40 degrees Celsius.

Good insulation system makes an integral player in the service life of a cable. The RW90 and RWU90 cables have a sure conductor insulation which has heat and moisture resistance. The polyethylene material used is crossed and has low temperature where that of RW90 at -40 degrees Celsius.

The color codes for 14 AWG, 12 AWG and 10 AWG conductors are black, red, white, orange, yellow, green and brown. 10 AWG has colors black, red, white, green and blue. Conductor 8AWG which runs through 2AWG has colors black, white, blue, red and green. 1AWG plus other larger sizes have black as the main color.

The insulation system is designed for High Speed therefore is made with certain smoothness for easy pulling. The smoothness also reduces friction hence reduced chances for fire.

1.The cable manufacture and production processes are approved to be in accordance to the standards enshrined in the Canadian Electrical Codes. The lab tests regularly done on the versatility of the insulation of the cable prove it superb.

2.Outdoor installation of systems is desirable to be done with black color coded cables only. This is because only black is adapted for atmospheric weather experience.

3.These cables are supposed to be used in raceways, with exception of cable trays, whether the installation is done in dry or wet places. The installation however, must meet the codes of standards as enshrined in the Canadian Electrical Codes.

4.RWU90 is appropriate for applications which use up to 1000 volts. A lot is to be learnt on how to use all these cables so that you get quality services. An electrician should refer from reliable sources to use them appropriately.

These brands of cable provide quality to the users, they have resilience and properties for better electrical services. You should shop these products and try them in your systems because they will serve you well without disappointments.

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