Various cables are made in such a way that they meet the specific purpose for which they were made. They are therefore designed with distinctive features from other cables in order to provide appropriate service to the user. There are cables for domestic use and others are made to suit industrial applications. Aluminum Quadruplex Mobile Home Feeder cable is one unique cables which has an assembly of four conductors, two phase conductors, one for grounding and one as a return path.

The cable conductors are made of RHW-2, stranded aluminum alloy AA-8000 and RHH materials. The compact stranding for the Quadruplex Home Feeder Aluminum cable is to help in reducing the diameter of the conductors. This reduction process which scales down the conductor diameter by around 10 percent helps in reducing the conductor bulkiness hence suitable in small installations. The conductor serves in transmission and distribution of low and medium voltages, therefore reducing the conductor size has no main drawback in the conduction.

An appropriate insulation system is like a life insurance cover to a cable, therefore for proper service and longevity, a conductor has to have a reliable and suitable insulation. The cable jacket is also key for the whole cable protection. Aluminum Quadruplex Home Feeder cable has its conductors insulated with a polyethylene material which is cross-linked to improve its strength. This insulation system is resistant to force impacts, it is sun heat proof and withstands any back ill that tends to damage the conductors. The jacket is made from PVC material which gives a watertight protection to the cable from any sabotage. Insulation for the conductors are color coded where the grounding wire is green and the neutral is white. This helps to eliminate confusion.

Features and Application
The Aluminum Quadruplex Home Feeder cable is appropriate for underground installation. The cable has all the necessary features which are needed for an underground cable. It can be used in both direct burial or in duct installation. Besides, this cable is designed to be used as a service entrance cable used to distribute power into the mobile home units. Weather may affect the conductor connections but when they are laid in conduits, the safety is assured.

Since Aluminum Quadruplex Home Feeder cable is a medium and low distribution cable, it can provide transmission and distribution of power for a voltage rate of 600 or less. These voltage rate is appropriate for domestic appliances, school consumption, small business use and industrial loads which are not heavy. The cable can be used in an area with up to a maximum 90 degrees Celsius temperature both in humid and dry areas. It is resistant to sunlight effects and hence cannot easily start a spark due to sun heat.

Various classes of the cable are available, with different sizes, different weights and different allowable ampacity are in the stores. As an electrician you should understand what and where to apply certain type of Aluminum Quadruplex Home Feeder cable without contravening the standards that govern cable use. Then put the right order.

The cable is standardized and approved to be in compliance with the NEC-applications. You should try this cable for your mobile home unit installations, it will serve you well without disappointments. Besides this, we also have tons of other amazing products which you should check out for different applications. We highly value you and we’ll be glad to cater for your cabling needs.

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