A Low Smoke Halogen Free irradiated power cable is designed, developed and manufactured to help in managing, monitoring and controlling electrical circuits. Electrical distribution channel does not only mean the power transmission lines that we always see, there is a lot more behind the electric power transmission methods. There are other cabling products required for safety power transmission a part from the electric wires. There are polyrad LSHF cable products which offer safety to the contractors and the consumers because they significantly help in reducing the burning effect on the cable in case of power blow outs or any other faults which may cause combustion.

When an electrical cable is protected with a low smoke which is halogen free product, its rate of burning is lower than the cable which is not covered with this low smoke free of halogen product. This is because its compounds consists of thermoplastic and thermoset which produces low smoke without halogen when subjected to high source of heat. So when there is an electric power blow out you can still save your belongings from fire as it will take this cable much time before it achieves its combustion threshold.

Construction of Polyrad Low Smoke Halogen-Free cable
It is a safeguarded copper cable that comes in tinned copper wires in four pairs of electrodes. Copper electrodes are of 5e F/UTP category per EN 5036-2. The electrodes are compacted together with a metallic foiled shielding which is then coated with a LSHF insulation jacketing. Materials used in making this cable product undergoes inspection, put to test and proven in accordance to the following specifications;

1.EN 50305/EN 60811-2-2; which advocates for oil and fuel resistivity.

2.EN 50305; which is concerned with ozone resistivity and ensures that its components are of no toxicity to the ozone layer.

3.EN 50267-2-1 AS and the EN 50267-2-2; for halogen free as well as low acidity and to the corosivity of the evolved gases.

4.EN 60684-2; Ensures no fluorine.

5.EN 60811-1-4; For Cold Bend at temperatures of -40 degrees.

6.EN 60332-1-2 and the EN 60332-3-25; which is fire and flame retardant specification.

7.Specification Standards of No SVHC Listed chemicals that is under the REACH.

8.The RoHS Compliant standards of specifications.

Features and Benefits of LSHF Cable

1.The Low Smoke Free of Halogen (LSHF) compound : This compound suppresses the fire allowing the formation of char that lowers the rate of poisonous carbon gas emission as well as the smoke-carbon particles. In case of sudden electric fire blow outs a Low Smoke cabled product is desired because it reduce the density and amount of smoke thus increasing safety and making work easier for fighting operations.

2.Its insulation has an operating temperature ratings of 90 to 105 degrees :  This operating temperature of this cable make it withstand and perform in high temperature conditions without difficulty.

The Polyrad LSHF Cable is applied commonly to poorly ventilated power transmitting channels to help in controlling and monitoring, indicating, and interlocking of the circuits.

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