Are you in search of an electrical appliance that detects power leaks and cuts of electricity in less than a second to avoid an electrical shock? Then this is just the appropriate device to use. Unlike any other extension cords available in the market this one is designed to withstand high levels of electric current. You will love how easy it is to use thanks to some of its features. At Nassau Electrical you can find these high quality appliances at affordable prices.

The Ground Fault Interrupter is also compatible with other devices which make it suitable for use. It’s designed to meet the needs of consumers who want a cable which can detect power leaks. It functions by measuring the electric current leaving one side of a power source and comparing it to the current entering on the other side in a bid to note if there’s a deficit in dissipation.

If at any point the electric current is not equal or imbalance in the circuit, then there must be a power leakage and this appliance automatically shuts the power off. It is able to detect an imbalance as small as 3 or 4 milliamps and reacts quickly. It does not prevent line contact hazards; however it prevents the most common ways of electrical shock hazards. Unlike other GFCI in the market this one is much easier to install and wire properly which in turn makes the device more efficient and unlikely to fail.

The Plug-It Ground Fault Interrupter doesn’t have a complex design, in fact it’s very simple.
It has a PVC premium grade body which is yellow in color. In addition to its color, it’s also 8 inches in height.

When it comes to features, the plug-it ground interrupter has great features that make it efficient in its performance. Considering it cuts electricity to avoid electric shocks, this enables it to prevent electrical related injuries. It ensures protection of electrical circuitry from voltage fluctuations which enhances electrical stability in the circuit. It has a maximum clamping voltage of 790volts which is a pretty high voltage for a cable of its caliber.It can function either outdoor or indoor.

The plug-it ground fault interrupter has both test and reset buttons which play a significant role in its proper functioning, the test button is next to the reset button this shows that the device is working properly. It can also be used with any standard extension cord which enhances its compatibility hence it’s advisable to use when other extension cords are involved. Metal-Oxide Varistor (MOV) of 80joules.

It’s mainly applied where GFCI protection is required. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter which cuts off electric power in circuit one sit detects current flowing in the wrong direction or unintended path. It also detects power leaks. GFCIs are often required to be installed in 2 prong receptacles, bathrooms and kitchens. Generally, these are places where water may cause a short circuits. Therefore this appliance can be used in construction sites, kitchens, garages, bathrooms and workshops.

Ratings and industry approvals
It’s advisable to work with a product that has been tested and proven safe to use by international standards.  The plug-it ground fault interrupter has been proven safe to use by the following standards:

1.UL Listed
2.OSHA Acceptable

By this industrial approvals you can be rest assured the product is safe and reliable for use.

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