Installation can either be underground or overhead. The choice for the type of installation is for the electrician who evaluates according to the type of system to be installed. There are many factors which influence the type of cable to be used for overhead installation. The susceptibility of a cable to corrosion may be one factor to deter a particular cable for overhead installation since there are a lot of chemicals in the air which require a cable to be resistant to the corrosive effects.

Overhead Triplex Aluminum cable is made up of three conductors which are assembled in a concentric configuration. There are instances where a client may give specification that the conductors to be laid in parallel arrangement. The three conductors consist of two live conductors and one return path conductor. Aluminum alloy 1350-H19 is used in making these conductors. This alloy has high electrical conductivity and is proved to have high tensile strength, resistant to corrosion and has light weight. The alloy is made of not less than 99 per cent of pure aluminum. Other elements that compose the alloy include zinc, silicon and copper. The aim of adding these elements is to improve the conductor resistance to corrosion and its robustness to mechanical stress.

Aproper insulation system guarantees protection for the cable against any damage. It also save the user form frequent maintenance practices. An insulator acts as security since it prevents cases of electrocution during, installation, use and maintenance. Therefore a good cable has to have a reliable insulation system which guarantees longevity and dependable services. The insulation for the Overhead Aluminum Triplex cable has all features for proper service deliver. Its insulation is made from polyethylene material which is cross-linked for strengthening purposes.

The cable jacket is made tough and robust for mechanical protection for the entire cable. The identity of the cable is its black polyethylene insulation for the conductors while the neutral has distinct yellow striping. Neutral conductor is made different from the rest so as to avoid confusing during installation and use. Remember a mistake committed may lead to short circuiting which has a fatal repercussion.

Features and Applications
The Overhead Triplex Aluminum cable has an exceptional ability to resist effects of weather. It works well in both humid and dry airs without facing any sabotage. Besides its resistance to weather, the cable has ability to resist any chemical reaction on its surface. Any cable that has to be used in the overhead installation must exhibit ability to refute corrosion. The ability to resist chemical reactions makes this cable even suitable for overhead installation in the coastal and industrialized regions.

High tensile strength which is achieved through the alloying process makes the cable to be resistant to abrasion, tearing and cutting. During installation there is a lot of force used may end in deforming the cable and making it less functional but the Overhead Aluminum Triplex has good resilience which makes it overcome any stresses it’s subjected to. The cable support a distribution rate of not more than 600 volts. It works best under temperatures of not more than 90 degrees Celsius.

This cable can be used as service line in secondary power distribution. It delivers a three wire configuration of a single phase power from transformers mounted on poles to the service entrance conductors. It is competent and appropriate for the overhead installation. Try it out, it is aquality brand.

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