For how long have you been buying cables and wires form one specific manufacturer or supplier? Are your satisfied with the quality of their products and services? If not, then this article is for you. There is no need of continually tolerating poor services of wires and cables when there is a harnessed cable manufacturing company that produces products of high quality performance and works with the required standards of conductivity. There are many wire and cable manufacturing companies in this world but until you make the right choice of customer partnership with a company of high quality wire and cable produce, you will always have issues with either the products or the cables. Okonite Cable manufacturing Company is one of the best companies in the world which makes reliable and high quality wire and cable products.

Okanite Cable was founded in 1878 thus making it one of the first companies in the field of wires and cables in United States. In June, 1976, the ownership of Okonite Company was taken by its employees through the Employees’ Stock Ownership Trust making it the largest company owned by its employees in United States that year. Due to that change of ownership the employees had an exclusive vested interest in the quality of service the company provided.

Today, the Company’s headquarter is in Ramsey approximately thirty miles Northwest from New York. It make wires and cables ranging from 300 Voltage to 345 kilo Volts insulated products which includes the instrumentation, medium voltage, power and control, and the high voltage cables. The cables are well insulated using jacketing materials likeOkoguard EPR, Laminated Polypropylene Paper (LPP), thermosetting and thermoplastic compounds.

Okonite Cable manufacturing company targets and serves a multitude of industrial markets. These markets include the electric utility which deals in the transmission, distribution, and generation of fossil and nuclear. The Company also serves the oil and gas production and refineries platforms, Chemical, the military bases, transit and pulp, rail-road and paper. Besides, the Company provides wires and cables to other industrial fields of hospitals, water treatment plants, colleges and universities, and the Data Centers. With today’s attention on the renewable energy, The Okonite wires and cables can be applied in wind farms, biofuel generating facilities and as well as the solar farms.

This company is committed to highest level of providing service to the customers, and this is why it is still competent in the market. Its domestic sales and the services to customers is provided by a worldwide network consisting of twenty three district sales offices and experienced wire and cable professionals. The offices along with the five serving center locations, and six manufacturing centers give customers much ease of accessing the products. Okonite provides quality cable products and services through:

1.In-house construction and compounding of the critical insulation and jacketing materials. This includes
   the Okoguard EPR.

2.The dedication to continuous improvement and the modernization programs.

3.The network of five service center.

4.A professional wire and cable expertise with the company’s application and engineering support staff alongside
   the district sales personnel.

With regard to customer care, the company shows a lot of dedication to add value to the customer by including trainings and education in their delivery packages teaching customers on management and installation of the equipment to attain longevity.

When choosing a cable for your power transmission works or wires for construction, it’s always a good idea to have some basic information about the manufacturer. Nassau Cables has put together resources on the major manufacturers and distributors of cables. Read through our blogs/resources for more information on other manufacturers. Feel free to get in touch with us via the live chat at the right bottom part of our website. 

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