Nexans is a French based company that manufactures optical fiber and copper cable products for infrastructure, construction market and industrial like shipbuilding, aeronautical and petroleum niches. It is the second largest wire and cable manufacturing company in the world after the Prysmian Company . This company has an industrial presence in almost forty countries with over 25000 employees, and sales amounting to 6 billion euros in a year. Nexans was founded in the year 2000 as a business unit for the Alcatel telecommunication firm, after it had acquisition on a number of companies in the wire and cable sector. It was later span out and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in the following year. The Nexans Company is currently in membership with the CAC Mid 60 Stock Index.

The modern world would be dead without electricity flowing in it. Electric power is used in different institutions for different purposes. In hospitals, it is used in operating lifesaving machines and thus electric current transmission should be connected with wires and cables that is tested and proven safe for electric transmission, in accordance to the cable standards. In a progressively more urbanized, mobile, automated, digital and connected world, and the electric current which the wires and cables transports and distributes is all over due to the emergence of many more power generating firms, as the demand of more power supply continually grows.

How Nexans operates
Nexans brings energy to life over extensive range of cables and cabling solutions, which ensure increased performance to its customers worldwide. The company has a team of well-trained employees which listens to their customers and support them in four major business fields:

1.Electric power transmission and distribution, in submarine areas and on dry lands.

2.In energy resources which mainly entail the gas and oil mining and renewables.

3.In transportation system especially in the road, air, rail and sea

4.Building activities. This company products can be used in the building of commercial houses, residential places and Data centers.

The strategy that Nexans company uses is based on continuous innovation of products, services and solutions, provision of customer training and the release of a safe, and low negative environmental effect industrial processes. Nexans became the first wire and cable company to create a foundation which introduced an initiative for sustainable energy access to the disadvantaged communities in the world.

Nexans is a member of the Europacable, European Association of wire and cable manufactures, and also a signatory to the Europacable Industry Charter. This Charter expresses the commitment of its members to the objectives and principles of ethical development and of a high quality cable.

This company is commonly known for its competent in the market for its wire and cable products which it manufactures under a well laid out employee foundation system, making it outstanding in the market up to date. It is indeed a good company having been rated the second largest in the world. I recommend that you purchase its products and make use of them appropriately to realize good results.

Nexans Industrial Wire and cables is always supportive to the customers either directly or via their distributor networks. They provide standard products and services. For the technical need by their clients, they use the applications Engineers based on the particular region when the client comes from. The company is dedicated and is able to develop. It is making all efforts to give the best interconnect solutions in regard with technology.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Nexans Industrial Wire and cables is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers.  

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