The choicest of cables are those which are designed to have many conductors, upto 25 conductors in just one cable. These multi conductor cables are mostly for data transfer applications. While others may have only six conductors, others have as many as 24 conductors. Nassau electrical prides as one stop shop where all your electrical cable needs are met and we have quite a variety of the Multiconductor Foil Shield Cable. We not only provide large quantities of building cables but we are also fine with the quality of our products before we array on the shelves for sale. The cables we sell are products from some of the grandest global cable manufacturers like South wire, Amer cable and General cables.

Now, we have taxed it upon us to provide you with authentic, necessary and non-biased information about these cables. This article is an informative guide to take you through the detains about the design and applications of the Multiconductor Foil Shield cables.

Cable Construction
Annealed stranded copper metal is what the multi conductor cable conductor is made of. It is necessary to note that this copper is stranded, soft and tinned. These three features are complements to the superb performance of the cable. Being stranded, it has high and effective electrical conductivity where resistance is reduced. The annealing of the copper is to make it soft and flexible though strong.

The softness helps during installation process so that cut off of overlapping ends is easier. The softness is also helpful in soldering of parts, soft copper is easier to solder. Despite all the beautiful elements of copper, copper has a backdrop of corrosiveness. The copper conductors are tin-plated to help prevent and seal avenues for corrosion to occur. Tinning also boosts the conductivity of the conductor. Construction of 24 AWG is fully anealed, stranded and tinned copper is in line with the ASTM B33.

When we talk of insulation, we are basically concerned about the life span of our cable. The longevity of a cable has an effect on the life span of the system it is used on. It means that many cables whose insulation system is not to standard may cause havoc to you data transmission system. A poorly insulated cable is hazardous both to the application and the users.

All the cables we sell have very sturdy insulation systems. The Multi-conductor Foil shielded is not exceptional, it has a premium grade, color-coded PVC insulation. Check into the chart provided from our website to see the various color codes for the insulation. These color codes are basically to provide distinctive line between one conductors from another.

Shield and Jacket
The cable jacket is made from PVC which soft and gray. The PVC used is listed with the UL 2464. The temperature range where the Jacket works well at is: -20 to +105 degrees Celsius. Since this cable is used to make data and communication cables, there is a great need for shielding so that interferences are prevented. An aluminum mylar foil shield is used and a polyester with 25 per cent overlap, the foil faces out. A strand of tinned copper is also used as a drain to help in the cable shielding. I should think that will elaborate design, you see why this cable is of high market quality.

The multi-conductor cable has a wide range of applications. Just like I mentioned, the cables are designed with various numbers of conductor, depending on what application you want to use it for. For the 24 AWG copper cable, it can be applied in computer interconnections. The sturdy shielding and speedy transfer enables it to be the noble choice for interconnecting your computers in an office or class. The cable is generally very good for data transmission.

In addition, the cables are also used in the control circuits for various systems. Control circuits need wire with many conductors compressed into small sizes and that is why this cable comes in handy. Any industrial system control unit needs the multi-conductor foil shielded cable for efficient circuitry. You cannot be left out, consider using this cable. It is important to note that it fits only for systems that take in between 300 or 600 voltage.

Talk of standardization, our product has excelled all round and proved to be beyond reproach. It is in compliance with the standardization requirements from CSA Type AWM. The NEC/ CEC Type CMG approves that our 300 volt cable can work at maximum of 105 degrees Celsius. It also passes the CSA FT4 vertical flame test which implies that using this cable will help to prevent in fire occurrence on your control units. I have given all these information to help you see the need for such a product..

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