Kris-Tech Wire is a company involved in manufacturing of wires of different gauges from copper rods.  The copper rods are annealed and twisted to form wires before being insulated with plastic compounds. The company has its origins from Rome in New York where also all material is produced. Its founders are two twins who after their retirement decided to venture into the manufacturing sector. They are Gerry Brodock and Glenn Brodock. Market for wires produced at Kris-Tech Wire includes but is not limited to commercial building, water and gas industries.


For the duration of its existence, Kris-tech wire boasts of a value based approach to success. The mission and vision of the company are developed from and sustained by the unchanging values of the firm. Moreover, these values give to the company its purpose and passion toward its global customers.

Products and services
Kris-tech wire produces multiple gauges of wire each intended for different purposes. The following are some of the products listed under the Kris-tech wire product and services catalogue;

1.Building wire : These wires are employed in the distribution of power across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.  For example, they are applied in power distribution panels. Wire products intended for the building industry are manufactured according to the Underwriters Laboratory Standards. In addition to that, the company ensures strict adherence to the latest publication of the National Electrical Code as stipulated by the National Fire Protection Association. Kris-Tech Wires specializes in building wires whose operating voltage is less than 2Kv.

2.Corrosion protection cable : Due to chemical reactions coupled with the influence of temperature, fuel and water pipelines undergo corrosion. The purpose of the corrosion protection cable is to provide corrosion control and cathodic protection. Another application of the cable is on casings on onshore wells which are susceptible to corrosion as well.

3.Tracer wire : Once a pipe is buried in the ground, it becomes necessary to develop a mechanism to locate it when need arises like in the case of maintenance or repairs. That is where the tracer wire comes into use. It is buried along the length of the pipe and it is actually the tracer wire that is located in order to find the pipe. Kris-tech wire produces three kinds of tracer wires differing from the material used to manufacture them.  One is made from copper, another from copper and steel and the last from stainless steel.

4.Ground wire : Commonly referred to as an “earthing” wire, its purpose is to provide an alternate path to complete the circuit in the case of the failure of the neutral conductor. The wire in operation is connected to the earth thereby creating a conducting path for the electrical current to the ground.

5.Blasting and connecting wire : In order to detonate explosives used by engineers in the blasting industry safely, the blasting wire is used to connect the explosive and detonator. Kris-Tech Wires offers the following forms of blasting wires; single, duplex and twisted wires. In its own capacity, the company has helped in mining of minerals and demolition of structures too.

Kris-tech wire is a company with a long experience in manufacturing of wires. Its wire products find application in various industries including gas, oil and electrical distribution systems across the globe but largely in the United States. Nevertheless, the company has stayed com mitted to excellence through an efficient delivery system together with excellent customer satisfaction.

There are many producers and suppliers of cables and wires out there, Kris-tech wire is one of the companies you should consider when looking for custom wires and cables. For more information on cables, visit the Nassau Cables blog and you will find more information on other manufacturers and suppliers. 

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