When you need a wire company using high technological concepts to refine its products then your choice be Judd wire. Their mark of distinction is the use of thermosets which are cross-linked using electron beam for their wire installation. By using this technology to manufacture insulation systems, the company fits into the cable industry for bringing an economical and competent product to the market. The company has in several occasions received recognition by various standardization bodies locally and internationally.


1. Aerospace Products: The company does production for aerospace electrical wires and cables with outstanding insulation system. This, it does taking into account the strains involved in aerospace systems which can easily damage a cable if not well protected. These wiring products from the company are currently used in widely commercial systems, satellites, military application, entertainment part of the aerospace, communication system within the flight, systems for guiding missiles and for electronic military ground equipment.

2. Rail Transit and Electronics: It manufactures a wide range of coaxial cables, hook up wires which are crossed-linked, power and data cables which are approved. This line of products is one of the many productions which are aimed at meeting the customer need. The thermoplastic compounds and high performance insulators which are crossed-linked to prevent radiation have provided safety and sustainable solutions to the clients.

3. Flexible Flat Cable: This is the main product in the Flat Component production line in the company. The cable is specialized to offer lightweight and also saves space which an admirable part for designers. The cables are used in the consumer electronics and in the automotive electronics.

4. Automotive Products: Judd is dedicated to producing high-performance wires and cables which is a suitable solution to the automotive industry. These cables are being used in the light-vehicle manufacture platforms. The cables are used in sensors for wheel speed, car engine, wiring of the fuel and transmission systems. The cables also serve in wiring shielded and unshielded batteries for various ratings.

Juud Wire has two factories based in US, these two are part of the SEI which is a worldwide famiy for companies. Their link with Sumitomo which is the largest manufacturer for cables and wires in Japan has enable it to access a lot of facilities for research and development. This has opened way for recognition of the company by Canadian body for Standardization and the laboratory for Underwriters.

Research and Development
The technical team from the Judd Wire are engaging in deep and elaborate research to cope with the ever changing technology and also provide quality cables to the customers. The engineering and design team are determined to bring new solutions that are well customized and specialized to meet market specifications. Therefore, they do a lot of designing, sampling, testing before approval is achieved.

Quality Assurance
The quality management for Judd has enabled the company to get approvals to various prestigious standards. They have received ISO 9001 certification, AS9100 aerospace industrial standardization, automotive industry standard and also ISO 14001 environment management approval. The company is dedicated to ensure there is consistent product improvement for the benefit of its customers.

In conclusion, Judd Wire has a wide experience in production of cables and wires. It is therefore committed to manufacture products which are safe and comply with the codes of right production for the interest of consumers. Its industrial process are made in a way that they protect the environment from harm and pollution, creating a conducive space for employees, customers, clients and general public.

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