Marine Power cables are often different than other cables and are usually manufactured with special capabilities to fit into the strenuous and extremely demanding marine situations. Type P Marine Shipboard is another reliable cable you should consider implementing in applications which demand 2kV power supply. This cables is designed for offshore drilling activities and is therefore very appropriate for sea oil rigs located at different parts of the world. Despite the harsh conditions at the various marine drill stations or in the petroleum manufacturing process, this unique cable is versatile enough to rebuff almost all the odds. Several cables are used in the drilling rigs, but it o nly takes a properly designed cable to deliver to the user and ensure the system works accordingly. Nassau electrical enjoys the reputation of supplying customers with a wide range of products. We delight that our shelves are full of variety of cables not only for marine but also for many other applications.

Our Marine Cable Products have a quality tough from excellent manufacturing firms from Europe and America such as Americable, Kris-Tech and General Wire. Nassau ensures the products are safe for use and can deliver proper service to users before they are brought to the market.

Specifications of the Type P Marine Shipboard Armored Marine Cable
When you go to shop for Type P Marine Shipboard Single Conductor Armored and Sheathed 2Kv power cable, ensure you check on its specification before you pack the product. Some sellers may give you a counterfeit product. We as Nassau electrical, honesty is a key virtue we ride on and we will ensure you have quality and approved cable with the following specifications:

  1. The Name Type P Marine Shipboard
  2. A single conductor cable
  3. It is 2kiloVolt armored and sheathed 110 degrees Celsius
  4. Bears the name Power Cable
  5. Has a trademark Gexol® Insulation
  6. Made in USA
  7. The cables we sell bear the above specifications which define our line of distinction.

Type P Marine Shipboard 2KV cable is primarily constructed with a single conductor cable with soft annealed tinned copper per IEEE 1580 table 11. Generally, due to the softness of copper, the cable is very flexible. With good flexibility of a conductor, the installation is made easier. An electrician can easily bend or manipulate the cable into any desire shape as required during installation. Insulation and Jacketing

Talking of insulation, there is a lot to do with the security of the cable and the users. That is to imply that this cable can be handled safely even when transmitting 2KV power without fears of getting electrocuted. Its insulation is made of Gexolwhich is a cross-linked flame retardant polyolefin. This polyolefin which helps to rebuff flame, is produced during a fire outbreak situation by the non-chlorinated flame retardant system to enhance the safety of the cable. This insulation material meets the set requirements for Type P of IEEE 1580 and Type X 110 of UL 1309/CSA 245, an application for a low toxin content and less corrosive emissions from a product. Since the products has less toxin emission, a user should never be worried about getting contaminated by the toxins when using the cable. Cables with halogen chemicals may be hazardous to human life and should be shunned. Our product however, is halogen free. The cable support is sturdy and reliable to support the whole cable in the application and guarantees longevity in the service. Thanks to the durable jacket and withstands mechanical stresses.

Sheath and Armor
Not very many cables have the sheath and armor which are key support features of a high voltage power cable. Type P Marine Shipboard 2KV power cable has a black arctic grade sheath which is flame retardant. The sheath is a thermosetting compound with high resistance to abrasion, oil, chemicals and sunlight. The sheath meets the approval of UL 1309/CSA C22.2 No. 245. While it is armored with a bronze standard basket weave wire which meets the IEEE 1580 standards, there is tinned copper which can be delivered to a customer according to the orders.

Design for the Type P Marine Shipboard 2KV power cable endorse the cable with extreme versatility to meet the demanding environments of offshore drilling and petroleum application which are  not only located at the marine. This power cable is suitable for systems which use high voltage ratings of 2 kilo volts. The flexibility and the softness of its conductors make it easier to install and work with the cable. Its insulation system is proficient enough to support operation in 110 degrees Celsius temperature. This cable is worth your choice.


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