A wire or cable failure during a commercial or an industrial installation can be very frustrating. It could mean a lot of things. One, it would definitely mean a downtime in connection so people relying on the network system will have to forget about data or power transmissions. Two, the need to repair the failure is inevitable. These repairs can be very costly and unless you have the disposable income to cater for the definitely costly repairs, the connection may be down even longer than you’d wish it to be. A reliable wire and cable partner should understand how difficult getting the correct cable for your works can get and be with your through the entire process of choosing, transportation, installation and maintenance of the products they sell you. If what I’m communicating resonates with your needs then this post is for you. Read on.

Many companies out there have the products but very few of them have an impressive customer care to keep the customers coming. When you buy wires and cables from a manufacturer or supplier, the business deal should not end with you feeling like just another customer in their list, instead you should feel appreciated and that they have your interests at heart. One of the companies I would applaud on warm customer care is Nassau Cables. Nassau has a reliable taskforce to help you choose the most appropriate product for your specific needs at fair price. As an aftersales service, they give you’re the technical advice on installation and maintenance of the cabling or wiring system.

So, here are some of the things you need to check on before you settle on manufacturer or supplier.

Quality: It’s on quality that many customers go wrong. Many people tend to go for low price over quality. Low-priced cables are usually low quality and may not last long, they wear out fast and you often have to replace them frequently; eventually, cheap proves to be expensive. If possible, work with a specialist to help you settle on high quality products.

Capabilities: Under this, you should inquire on the range of products that the manufacturer can supply or customize to meet your needs. If a manufacturer cannot meet your demands, it means you’ll need to deal with multiple suppliers which can be a little hectic. The company should avail a wide range of products under one roof. It’s okay if the manufacturer’s capability grows with your needs. 

The manufacturer should be flexible: Yes, the manufacturing capacity of the company you’re getting into the contract with should not limit you to products fewer than you need. The products should also be flexible enough to work well with products from other companies.

Technical support: A viable business partner should not only sell you quality products but also give you the specifications on how to make the best out of the products. In case you encounter a problem when laying the cables, they should come in promptly and help you out.

Cost: Cost is crucial for the simple reason that you can’t buy something you can’t afford. There are many suppliers you can choose from in the market today, some offer fair prices while others exploit customers for selfish gains. Take your time to compare cost for same products from different suppliers to gauge who’s offering an affordable deal.

Getting a long term partner may not be easy, but we do believe that these simple guides can go a long way to making the process a lot easier than if you didn’t have a checklist at all. There are so many suppliers but most of them only care about your money and very few worry about the quality of their products or services to you. At Nassau, we really cherish our customers and we want the very best of products for them. That’s why we ensure that all our products are tried, tested and proved to be of good standards by the international standards organizations. Get in touch with us today and we’ll always be happy to work with you. For more informative articles in the field of wires and cables, be sure to read or refers potential customers to our blog/resources


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